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How to make the best use of videos and how to fix video clips for your website

How to make the best use of videos and how to fix video clips for your website

Better your website and learn how to fix video clips of poor quality when you are pressed for time Here_s some advice from a layman doing professional_s work that I hope will help you too. I regularly have to post video clips as part of my job, and the skill of how to fix video has become essential to me. The bar I work in has very devoted customers, and a very lively webpage forum. It_s necessary to maintain our site updated and several of us employees work as admins even in our free time. It is a great place and I love working there, so I don_t mind the extra assignment that_s crept in my free time. I_ve actually been a patron for several years before applying for an opening. It is of greatest importance that our customers be able to check out reports from last night_s party first thing in the morning, when they log in from their workplace _ to find out what they have done and they can_t remember, or what they_ve missed by not coming. Anytime later it would be irrelevant, shadowed by new events and talk. If possible we update our pages several times each day (yes, it_s become my life) to maintain interest in our facility and announce special events. We have regular live plays twice a week, and occasional birthday parties and striptease shows (both sexes) with enthusiastic customers also joining. Even a few weddings. As I_ve said, it_s a great place and we rarely have incidents. The best way to promote is posting video clips. Photographs don_t relay atmosphere of the place as videos can. They always look staged _ and they are, people can_t resist striking a pose, and the flash just makes everyone look like a wild animal surprised by an automatic camera ambushing it on its trail at night. But we don_t have much free time to record what_s happening, nor can we arrange the perfect conditions for the shot. It_s most often just one of us employees holding a camera high above his head and hoping to get it good. What we do get is a shaky, dark picture of a mass of indistinguishable bodies. I need to post those videos, and fast, so that we keep our community discussing what_s happened last night. If a video is good, someone might repost it on Facebook or Myspace and we will get great exposure. (There_s another reason _ we try to post all the videos before any of our customers wakes and starts remembering what he/she_s done and calls to ask not to expose them. As we have many regulars, we always indulge them, or at least remove the clips if they_ve been late. Even so, it_s great for advertising. Remember, we have striptease) To be honest, previously we didn_t bother with any editing. It was impossible to do it quick enough. However now we use a great editing program called Vreveal, which fixes them automatically. It removes all the shaking of the picture, somehow takes care of any blurred details, and makes the best it can of colors and contrast. The result looks really much better. It also makes it very easy to cut what_s not interesting. That_s the easiest way how to fix video that I_ve tried. It_s turned out that this simple program for fixing videos has another excellent feature. It can be told to make a panoramic photo out of a video. Now I use it constantly to make banners for our website highlighting the best scenes.
Make top videos from poor material, just need to use the right editing resources, advice from a biker bar waitress

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