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Shop For Cameras, Camcords, Webcams, Video Cameras Online! Back in the year 1814, Joseph Nicephore Nicepe used a wooden box camera to develop World_s first photograph/photo. Referring back to the Books of Optics, photography owes much of its development to Camera Obscure which used a pinhole or lens to project an image of the scene outside onto a viewing surface.
That was much back, time changed and with it technology. Cameras undertook new forms, from huge sizes they changed into pocket sized cameras (I still remember being clicked by that huge flash camera in my granny_s house, phew, it took four people to carry it from one place to another).
Cameras developed not only in size, but also the quality and color range - from black and white to monochromatic to colored ones. Then came the era of digital cameras which were more specific in their work. Generic, these could be classified as personal and professional ones. Professional ones were much in demand a while ago _ from parties to weddings to political agendas, these cameras found a better scope than professional ones. These cameras working on the idea of pixels gave better picture quality. Gradually, this technology was transferred to personal cameras, giving them more scope and demand.
Then came Camcorders _ little things which made shooting more vibrant, colorful and interesting. These Camcorders capable of taking photos as well as shooting for long hours became favorite of family people. Professionals preferred Video cameras as ever. Then evolved web cameras _ favorite of NRIs and corporates, through which they could see their families and clients while being far away.
Today, there is host of them. With Worlds_ biggest Camera companies, giving them the edge technology, these often come up latest technology. Be it Sony, Canon, Olympus, Panasonic, Nikon, Kodak or Fuji_, handy cameras starting at as low prices as Rs 5000/-, can be seen in every market.
Just as cameras became a common thing, so their marketplace. Now, you could shop for cameras not only from shops but also online. With online shopping platforms like HomeShop18, shopping for camera, camcorders, video cameras, and webcams is as easy as the click of mouse. Search, compare, choose and order online_, the best way to shop from the ease of home.
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