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Twin Cities Article

Whipped Cream & Raw Poon

Whipped Cream & Raw Poon

By Mark Alan - May 9, 2009 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 6984 I was working on some restaurant equipment & lying on my back under the prep counter. This chick, I guess was a waitress. All I could see were her the lower portion of her legs and feet. She stepped up against the counter she didn’t know I was there. I stuck my head out & then noticed she wasn’t wearing and panties. WoW, She still smelled of shaving cream. I felt like reaching my arm up her shirt, but couldn’t because of my work. Damn I wanted too.
I said, “Excuse me lady I need to get out from under here. She was so surprised. She took her hands and placed them on her thighs closing my view. “Oh my” she said. “Sure, but what are you doing under there” “I’m working on the steam table” I crawled out & stood up. She was a fox! She was about 110 to maybe 115 pounds. Standing 5’ even. Her titties were about 36 C’s or better. Her titties made her small frame look like she was top heavy. She was attractive to any mans eyes.
I said, “My goodness lady what I seen under there was so wonderful. I could eat the pussy full of ice cream” I could tell that comment opened the door for me by the expression on her face. She said, “Oh no that would be too cold, can’t you use some whipped cream” She smiled at me with a seductive smile and batted her eyes at me. “Yeah I guess that would be better, huh. She squirted ah little Readi Whip on her finger and stuck it in her mouth. She handed me note and said, “Read this somewhere else OK” I had to go to my truck for parts. I read her note. It stated, “I have all the whipped cream you would ever want” and her cell number. Names Sandi.
I called her right then and there. Hell-O she answered, “this is Sandi” I said, “Sandi this is Mark. I’m out in my truck” Sandi replied, “Hell-O Mark” I am serious about the whip cream, I’m hopping you like it. She said, “Call me again later Bye Bye for now” I was flabbergasted by her come-on statements. I guessed Sandi to be about 24 maybe 25. I also noticed that she was wearing a wedding ring. I had to be careful. I called her back at 6pm. “Hell-O, Sandi” answered. “This is Mark again” “Well Hell-O Mark, What cha doin” I asked. “I was wanting you to call me. Can you get over here now”? Sandi asked. She gave me her address. “I’ll be there in ah little bit” “Mark are you ready for some whip cream & raw poon”
I was there in 20 minutes. (Knock knock on the door. “Well Hi Mark, come on in here. I waiting on my baby sitter to bring my daughter home” I said, “Kids? “Just 1, she is 5 months old. Oh there she now. Sandi ran out to get her daughter. “Hi Betsy” Sandi came back in the house. “She the only one” I asked. “Yep, and there is no husband. He has never been there for us. I wear the ring to discourage men because it’s just Betsy and me and I am not looking for a man, I just like to screw” The baby started crying. “Betsy you must be hungry. Sandi didn’t hesitate; she pulled her titties out and nursed her daughter until the kid went to sleep with Sandi’s tit in her mouth.
I said, “Lucky kid. Sandi asked what I said. “I said, she is a lucky kid to have that titty in her mouth. “Sandi said “I’ll be right back, make yourself at home” She said, I’m going to put her down in her bed, Back soon Mark” I walked around her house and found a cold beer in the frig. “Sandi you want a beer” She said “What did you say” I turned around to say it again, and there she was. Standing there with nothing on but ah smile.
Her nipples were dripping breast milk because of the stimulation must cause by breast-feeding her kid. I don’t care too much for kids or can you tell? Anyway. Sandi went to the frig and got two cans of the ready whip. She squirted some on her nipples and said, “Mark are you hungry too” I was shocked that this chick would go thru with it. She walked over to me and stuck that milk filled breast in my face. “Here Sweetie, take me I’m all yours” I licked the whipped cream from her nipples and she sighed with a little moan.
“When Betsy sucks on my titties it really makes me more horny then usual. I’m horny all the time. “Here, Mark have some more” She covered her titties with cream. I licked and sucked her boobs until she was moaning louder and she started to rub her cunt lips.
The more I licked the cream off and nursed on her tits the more I sucked that sweet breast milk into my month. She was getting really hot with my suction. I sucked her nipple and flicked it with my tongue. I locked on to her breasts when she led me in the living room and not moving my head. She sat on the couch’s edge as I went with her. I slid my fingers under her ass and up in her pussy. Sandi said, “I have plenty to show you” She took her whip cream. She un-zipped my pants and pulled out my dick. She squirted whip cream in her mouth and lightly licked my dick. The cool sensation of the cream and the warmth her mouth set me on fire.
She had the whipped cream in her hair and all over her face as she was squirting this dessert topping on my cock while she sucked me off. We moved to the 69 position. She squirted some cream on her pussy and said, “Here is that poon I was telling you about” I didn’t have to be told of what to do. I started to remove the cream a tongue full at a time until I reach the hood that covered her little clitoris. “Mark” she said. Do me like this” She put cream on me and covered my cock with it. Sandi sucked my dick down her throat. “Oh Wow Sandi that is something else” I continued to work her snatch until I had nearly all of her honey pot uncovered.
While I sucked her clit hard I put the tip of the whip cream in her cunt and pushed the trigger releasing a large amount. Sandi went wild. Bucking her hips up to meet my tongue and screaming, “Do me. Do that again she says. She sucked my dick down her guilt and stayed there. I could feel her trying to swallow while I was deep in her skinny neck. Sandi gagged ah little and I came out of her oral cavity. She was gasping for air.
I flipped around and raised one leg over my shoulder and filled her pussy full on whipped cream. She was moaning, “Oh Mark, Fuck My Little Poon. Do Me Now!” she said. I didn’t have to be told twice. She placed my cock at her poon, “Here Man. Take Me” I started slowly inserting my dick when she thrust her ass up to meet me. I went all the way home. The whipped cream gushed out of her pussy like Ol’ Faithful. Again Sandi went into a lustful mode, screaming. “Oh Yeah, Mark do me hard” I reached down and pinched her leaking nipples hard. That caused her first orgasm. She continued to thrash and buck back to me screaming wildly. “Mark! “I’m going to cum again. Fuck me hard with that cock, Force me to cum”
Damn she was a hot little winch. I was gathering beads of sweat as I fucked her poon deep and hard. Each thrust she went a little deeper with lust. The whipped cream was gone. I was about to give her a different kind of cream when she stopped.
Sandi got on her hands and knees. “Here Mark, Take me from behind. I love it this way” Her ass looked so lovely up in the air. I crawled in close and filled her poon once more time with whipped cream. I doggie fucked her pussy with deep fast strokes as the cream came out. I inserted my thumb in her ass. She started to cum again. “Sandi do you like it up the ass? I asked. “Oh No. NO I have never done that.” I continued to bang her cunt while I worked my thumb in her bung. She started another climax screaming out loudly.
Her butt muscles were pretty relaxed. I forced in deep and hard in her light little poon a few more times. I covered her ass with whipped cream as an added lube. On one deep hard in-ward thrust I removed my cock and it went in her ass. Sandi came instantly, screaming like a mashed cat. Her orgasm must have come from her toes. I had never had a woman cum so hard or so long. Sandi was amazing with her appetite for sex and the way she liked it.
I pushed deep in her ass as she continued to cum. She started to fuck me back with amazing speed. “Mark, Fuck my butt, and Fuck her deep Fuck her hard. I reached under her and pinched her clit. Again she went wild with desire. I felt pressure building in my balls. “I’m going to cum Sandi, ” I yelled. I started to fill her ass with man cum, stared another orgasm. With my orgasm and hers together made a sweet climax.
We both collapsed together in a puddle of sex, sweat and a lot used whipped cream. Sandi’s breathing was returning to normal, well kind of. She spoke with a dry cottonmouth. “Damn You, Mark I told you I didn’t want my ass treated that way. I told you no! When can we do this again” She just smiled and added some whipped cream to her lips and kissed me deep and passionately.
We spent most of the weekend playing Run around the house and (Play Go Naked) between her breastfeeding her baby and having sex, I was tired when Monday morning came around. I got in my truck and went back to the restaurant where I had been working before.
At 9:00am on the dot, Sandi came in like nothing had happened between us. I was under the counter, Sandi walked by and flashed her naked poon at me and winked. She handed me another note. “When can we do this again? I want you to take my ass first” I smiled back and whispered, Call me!…..

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