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Home "Nanny" intelligent robot in the Expo parade style - at home, smart robots - smart ho

Home "Nanny" intelligent robot in the Expo parade style - at home, smart robots - smart ho

HC intelligent home network Perhaps the "Terminator" series of films is too deeply rooted among many people the mention of robots now, eyes on scenes of grim scenario emerges. In fact, the robots can and invention to its peaceful coexistence of mankind and become friends and helpers in our lives. Expo Urban Best Practice Area "in Shanghai eco-home" exhibition, the robot better life scenes everywhere. Into the eco-house's first floor exhibition hall, three "young girl" came into my eyes. They stand or stand or squat, holding their hands Hulusi, dulcimer, and the Nguyen, with an "Elixir of Love" to welcome four visitors. This is from Shanghai Electric Academia Sinica research group led the "robot woman band", which is said to be playing the world's first robot team of Chinese folk music, to "teach" them to play music, software programmers who can "sacrifice" a lot of brain Cell. Stairs up, went to the second floor exhibition hall of ecological house, where a robot Treasure are waiting for the children surprise. Is different from ordinary robot, the robot will Treasure magic. I saw its eyes flashed mischievously, who was originally the blue coat, and instantly became red shawl over Sichuan Opera "change of face" unique skills also magic. The original, with small Haibao whole body LED lights, changing clothes magic trick is it, as a large three-dimensional display, it can also be an interactive dialogue and the children do. Robot in the sea near Po, quiet Education Robot sat silently on the desk. Little guy is only 60 cm tall, was able to help children develop learning programs a reasonable, but also with the children who learn a foreign language, play games, become a close partner of the way they grow. Hall's third floor is the tourist rest area, where restaurant coffee, it will certainly make people happy. Suddenly, you find the service serving students is a robot, please do not make a fuss, not to fall apart the chopsticks! Shanghai Electric, according to Academia Sinica director Yang Jun introduce service robots, they also developed prior to lead a cooking robot, shape is like a large double door fridge, but "stomach" where have a lot " Baby. " Into a variety of special materials as long as the box and vegetables, and shut the door, the robot will be able to automatic operation, not half an hour, made a few dishes on. Do not underestimate it, fried, fried, boiled, roast, stew and other traditional cooking process everything will be, but also according to the particular tastes of the owner to burst, leavened, sauteing, cooking and other personalized cooking. Want to change things, not hard. It's smart design includes eight major cuisines of China, including head of the 22 top chefs and nutrition Expert Design 300? 600 dishes, the owner can stay at home to enjoy the colorful local flavor. Neatly burn when cooking robot out of a Road, delicious cuisine, the owner peace of mind just waiting to get served food robot Duancai. However, this Expo, the "chef" is not able to show off to visitors, is still not sure, wait until everything is only available by opening day. The fourth floor of the exhibition hall in Shanghai eco-house is an old apartment, where the old age people to create a paradise. Inside, Home Monitor Robot "Lingling" called "great butler." This is Taiwan cute, will voice interactive robot, will accept the users through mobile phones, phone, etc. issued instructions to the letter task. Remote control home control robot can also be a variety of electrical appliances, and to monitor the doors and windows of invasion, Fire And other danger signals. Two robot arm, to help the owner opened the door, pour, extracts and other activities. Behind it, a chair is designed and equipped with a control handle, for the elderly as wheelchairs. Expo will display for the home control robot to provide a stage, but it will be the focus of the Expo.
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