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Sealed Power Pistons Article

Power Transmission and Engine Lubrication Systems

Power Transmission and Engine Lubrication Systems

transmission systems. In this article, we are discussing these two important systems. Engine Lubrication Systems : The main purpose of engine lubricating systems is to keep the moving parts andponents of the machine or the automobile in the working condition for long., Moreover, they prevent early wear and tear ofponents due to friction created due to lack of lubrication. The oil lubricates moving parts by sealing clearances between moving parts such as shafts, bearings and more. Once oiled, parts move on the layers of the oil, not in direct contact with each other. Moreover, this oil serves as the cooling agent as it transfers the heat obtained from the moving parts into cooler oil in the oil pan. Many engines have oil nozzle that sprays oil underside of the piston to keep them cool. In addition, the oil creates a seal between the piston rings and the walls of the cylinder and reduces exhaust gas blowby. Parts of engine lubrication systems include oil pump, oil pump, oil cooler and oil filter. Having a pair of meshing gears, the oil pump gets oil from the oil pan and sends it to oil gallery and main bearing through oil filter. The oil lubricates the camshaft bearings, valves, pistons and walls of the cylinder. Oil cooler prevents excessive heating of the oil as coolant surrounds the tubes carrying oil and picks excess heat. Before reaching the engine bearings, the oil flows through the oil filter. Power Transmission systems In this hi-tech age, there is nothing that can be run without power or electricity. The power is the soul of all the industries, factories and manufacturing units. This electricity has to be supplied in different areas through power transmission systems . Large generators can produce electricity up to a voltage of about 25, 000 volts. The electric force pushes the electrons around the circuit. Larger transformers can boost electricity up to 400, 000 volts. To transfer the electricity to larger distances, it is better to have it at higher voltages. Power can be transmitted to longer distance efficiently at higher voltage. Transmission lines that are thick are made from copper or aluminum since they have lower resistance. Moreover, higher the resistance, warmer it gets and energy is lost as it changes into heat energy. When electricity reaches near houses, buildings, businesses and factories, its higher voltage lines change into lower voltage lines. From the substations, power is transferred to factories, streets, mass transit and your neighborhood. Before electricity is actually transmitted to houses, a small transformer is mounted on the pole or in utility boxes to convert it to even lower levels to make it feasible to be used in homes. There are several reputedpanies which are either involved directly or indirectly in the power transmission systems in the different areas of the world.
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