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What Are Man Boobs?

What Are Man Boobs?

The medical term for male breast enlargement is Gynecomastiamonly known as manboobs. Although they can be distressing and embarassing manboobs are amon problem, so don't worry. Manboobs effect about 1/3 of the population and actually about half of all boys have this problem when they hit puberty, this is called Pubertal Gynecomastia and usually last about six months to a year and disappear when the male hormone testosterone takes dominance over the female hormone estrogen.
What Causes Manboobs
Here are the main factors that cause Manboobs
*Obesity - Gaining weight can interrupt the natural hormonal production process as fat tissue produces estrogen, which in turn can produce breast tissue in obese men, this is Gynecomastia. Strict change in diet and tailored weights and cardio plan is needed
*Overweight - This is when fatty deposits collect in the chest and around the nipple, this is Pseudogynecomastia its not true breast tissue and can bebated relatively easily with change in diet and good exercise plan.
*Drugs - Manboobs are a side effect for some people who have used steroids and heavy marijuana use
*Illness - It is important to understand the cause so it may be a good idea to get a health check with your doctor as manboobs can be caused by kidney, liver and thyroid problems. Also some medications can disrupt hormonal levels so it may be a good idea to go for a check up, when was the last time you went?
Why go through surgery? In many cases guys have had the surgery - and the boobs came back! That's probably because they made no change to their lifestyle and probably eat the same crap and don't attempt to keep fit, so it was a total waste of time, effort, money and by the looks of it blood. Maybe these guys are lazy or just have money to burn but im assuming your not lazy and don't have money to burn, so with a simple shift in your lifestyle, diet and habits you can make a lasting cost effective change. By the way Gynecomastia surgery can cost up to $5000 - so it ain't cheap.
What Can You Do? If you are a teen but your not over weight and have Gynecomastia this small hormonal problem should be gone in less than a year and you should defiantly wait two years before considering surgery. If you are overweight the the right diet and tailored exercise plan will solve your problem in less time than you think and make you feel better on the inside so you can prevent them froming back! check my site out for diet, exercise and motivational tips If its because of drug use - then just stop! - its about time don't you think If you think you may have an illness are obese or are taking any strong medication then seek medical advice before starting any kind of exercise or diet program.

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