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Can i buy Wholesale Meat Online?

If you are interested in buying meat in bulk and benefiting from wholesale meat prices, knowing thepetition can prove incredibly useful.
Most online meat suppliers prefer to sell their beef, pork, chicken and continental meats at set portion sizes i.e. 250g, 500g, 750g packages, which for you as a buyer can prove incredibly restrictive if your appetite varies from your partners.
However, take the time to do your research and you can discover quality wholesale meat suppliers you can offer you the same quality gourmet meat sold by theirpetitors at considerably lower prices...
How do wholesale meat prices work?
Packing meat singularly i.e. per fillet is a costly business for many suppliers, which is why you will often find that smaller packages are more expensive than their bigger counterparts.
Go into any reputable supermarket to buy meat and you will immediately notice that you will receive more value for your money the more you buy. A 200g packet of beef for instance will be more expensive per fillet than a similar standard meat sold in 800g packets.
And this cost is all to do with packaging…
By selling meat in bulk, suppliers can confidently reduce the cost of their products - as they are saving on packaging - and offer you quality wholesale meat at reasonably affordable prices.
Are there any other advantages to buying meat in bulk?
Benefiting from wholesale meat prices is not the only advantage you can receive by buying your meat in bulk.
Many wholesale meat suppliers also sell their beef, pork and continental meats in larger cuts to enable you to carve the meat into portion sizes of your choice. So instead of being restricted to set 200g steak sizes, by buying bulk meat you can cut your beef into 150g, 200g, 250g… essentially any size you want!
How can I spot a wholesale meat supplier?
If the idea of bulk meat buying interests you, the first step to finding a quality wholesale meat supplier is doing your research.
When you view products you should be able to see the package size, the cost and the number of servings you will be receiving.
In some cases you may even be lucky enough to find a wholesale meat supplier whopares their meat products per kg against theirpetitors - And this can prove incredibly useful when determining who is giving you the better value for money.
If they do not listparison prices, you should still be able to easilypare these prices by reviewing their quantities (how much they are selling per kg) against their approximate servings.
With this information you will be able to calculate roughly how much you are paying per serving and ultimately determine one is offering you the better wholesale prices.
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