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Whole Again

By Kayleigh - Feb 27, 2008 - From erotic-stories- women. Stories for women - Views - 13195 It was a quiet Saturday afternoon around the office, only Michelle had made the conscious decision to come in on the weekend to finish up some work from the previous week. The only thing that kept her company was the dull hum of the computers and the hushed racket of the printer from the other room running off some reports that were due on Monday. Although she was supposed to be focused on work, she couldn’t keep the mental images of James from swimming in and out of her already racked brain.
James is the man that Michelle is in love with. They recently went from being secret lovers to a couple following the break up with her long time boyfriend Mark. She couldn’t be happier being with James and not having to hide it. It’s was what she wanted for almost a year but was too afraid to ruin something she already had going good with Mark. But the time came and realization hit her full force in the heart, telling her to take a chance, a chance that was definitely worth it.
Michelle decided to take a walk around the office to stretch her legs a bit after she had been sitting at her desk all morning. She gazed into the empty offices as she passed them and wondered, as she frequently did during the week, what it would be like to occupy those rooms instead of her own. Michelle decided to enter one of them and take a seat in the seemingly com comfortable looking chair. As she relaxed more and more into the cushions she slowly drifted into a daydream that was long overdue. Closing her eyes, she imagined James removing his clothes as he walked towards her, looking more enticing than ever before. While she imagined him carefully climbing on top of her, Michelle gradually crept her hand down her stomach and continued until she reached the outskirts of her pants. She managed to unbutton them while keeping her eyes shut maintaining the image of James on her lap, caressing her face and kissing her neck gently. Slipping her hand little by little between the softness of her skin and seam of her panties, she could feel the fabric already moistened with her flowing juices. Out of the blue she heard a creaking noise coming from outside the unfamiliar office door, and when she opened her eyes she was startled to see James positioned outside the cracked door. She let out an audible gasp followed by a smirk that silently invited James to enter the room. He never took his eyes off of her as he took his time making his way around the desk, so he could take in all of her glory. James placed a hand on the back of the chair and spun it around so Michelle was facing him. He gazed down into her eyes as he reached for her hands, gently pulling her up to meet his stare. Placing a hand on each side of her beautiful face, he greeted her with a gentle kiss on her moist pink lips. As he broke contact with her mouth, a grin immerged on his gorgeous face and he began to speak, “Just couldn’t wait for me could you?” He watched her lips move into position to form the words she was about to verbalize, “On the contrary, I was just warming up for you.” And with the last word she spoke, she placed her hand on his chest and ushered him somewhat forcefully backwards until his back met her coworker’s wall.
She suddenly remembered that the cleaning people came on Saturdays, but couldn’t recall exactly what time. Tossing the notion aside, she concentrated on the task at hand; if only she could be this focused on her work. With her pants still unbuttoned and her pink cotton thong peeking out from the opening in her jeans, she ran her hand down James’ chest all the way to his most obvious growing lower region. Michelle gave him a tantalizing smile and spoke once more, “Oh, I didn’t realize I was expecting such a big package to arrive today, lucky me.” James returned that same smile that made her weak in the knees and she knew before he could utter the words that she was to be the recipient. With that, she began to unwrap the not so surprise that was waiting inside. When she was finally looking at the contents, she smiled as she slid his pants down to his knees. James grabbed her shoulders and directed them towards the desk and sat down on the edge. Michelle leaned against him and teased him for a few moments, kissing the radius of his neck, putting slight pressure on his pelvic region with hers.
She couldn’t wait to encounter this new experience with her lover; it was all so exciting and fresh to be making love in an unfamiliar and almost forbidden location. At first she just hovered around his lips, feeling his slightly accelerated, warm breath on her face, still grinding her hips against his southern territory; an area that was just asking to be explored. Michelle could feel James’ hands wandering down her sides to locate her still unbuttoned jeans. Pulling them down past the brim of her panties, he caught a glimpse of what looked like an image of a rose on the front of the fabric. Telling himself to look into that later, he continued pulling them down along with the mystery panties till he heard them hit the ground. He began to caress the outside of her thigh, noticing how soft it was and clearly recently shaved. Stroking James’ nipples with her tongue, Michelle raised her left leg and rested it on the desk. Now that she was no longer burdened by her pants, she was free to have her fortress stormed by James’ stead. And with that thought, she allowed James to plunge his stiffness smoothly into her. Gasping loudly, Michelle used her leg strength to maneuver her pelvis back and forth against him.
Michelle and James were much too engulfed in pleasing each other that they did not notice a third person standing in the doorway. But Michelle happened to see in her peripherals a glimpse of a familiar looking cart, accompanied by a familiar looking woman. The cleaning lady had arrived. She seemed to me mesmerized and not at all taken aback by what she was witnessing. A few minutes that seemed like hours passed with the squat Spanish lady peering at the two of them engaged in such passion. Michelle managed to speak in between her spouts of moaning and breathing heavily, “Sorry, Lina, we’re just giving you something to clean.” Lina’s eyes widened slightly when she realized she was caught, and she bustled off in the direction of what looked like the front doors. Michelle’s guess was confirmed when she heard the doors slam shut.
What may have been a set back to some, only made Michelle even more stimulated and steamed up. She peeled herself off of James’ front side, spun around and threw herself over the other desk. Looking over her shoulder at James, she gave a little nod of encouragement which sent him flying towards her and entering her from behind. After he pierced her flesh with his rod, he reached around to cup her dangling bags of heaven in his hand and commenced the massaging. The desk was moving slightly forward with every thrust from James’ strong force. This sent Michelle over the edge and she couldn’t help but scream out his name. Together they moaned and gasped for air as they simultaneously climaxed. James gradually slowed down his rhythm and eventually came to a stop, placing his hands on the desk for support and collapsing onto her back, still inside her.
They stayed like this for a few moments while they both caught their breath. Michelle started to push herself up off the desk, peeling pieces of paper off her sticky arms. She turned to face James and gave him a light peck on the mouth while she took a handful of his plump ass in her hand. Michelle crumpled into the desk chair and closed her eyes for a minute. When her breath finally slowed to a normal rhythm she opened her eyes to find an empty room. She hastily looked around to find everything in its place, and much to her surprise she was fully dressed. It all seemed so real; she replayed the recent events in her head quickly and suddenly realized she had fallen asleep. A vibration in her pocket told her that her cell phone was ringing. When she picked it up and greeted the caller, a male voice echoed back, “Hey baby, getting much work done?” To which she replied, “Yeah...I have one last thing to get done, but that will have to wait till I get home.”

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