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While You Were Sleeping

While you were Sleeping

By - Jan 12, 2009 - From gay-erotic- stories. Gay erotic stories - Views - 64665 "WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING"
A buddy of mine, after a long night of drinking, decided it would be best to spend the night at my place rather than risk being pulled over by the cops. Not that we needed anything more to drink but we slugged down two more beers before deciding to go to bed, leaving him on the couch.
As drunk as we were, I figured that the both of us would be soon asleep and it wasn't long before I heared loud snoring coming from the living room, though I was still wide awake. Sometime later, still alert, I thought maybe eating something might help and headed for the kitchen. In the dim light of the living room, here's my buddy passed out on the couch, apparently naked, with a sheet barely covering his groin, and I could just make out the outline of his soft penis against the thin cloth. Now, I've always concidered myself a straight male and I have never fantasized about being with a guy but, for some reason, I found myself excited by the scene before me. Gratefully, my aroused breathing was masked by his loud snoring and the more I stood there, the more aroused I became, and the bolder! I slowly reached out my hand to gently place it on the cloth covering his penis. Excitement swelled in me as I felt his warmth through the cloth.
Ever so slowly, I pulled back the sheet to reveal his magnificant, flacid cock lying over his right hip, closest to the outer edge of the couch. His snoring seemed even deeper, as I quietly lowered myself to my knees next to him. I just wanted to kiss it once, just once, and slowly, lightly, tenderly pressed my lips to his flesh. Passion flashed through me like a bolt of lightning. I kissed it again and again, tenderly, as not to wake him. I was crazy with desire, kissing up and down its length, my tongue reaching out to taste him. And still, he snored seemingly more than ever before. And although he seemed to be responding to my mouth, I had no doubt that he was out for the night.
As he began to grow firm, I took him between my tender lips, slowly sucking off my drunken friend. I was wild with desire and couldn't stop sucking his delicious cock, which was now rock hard. Suddenly, as he swelled ever so slightly, he came in my mouth and I swallowed it all. And still, he snored loudly. I was more pleased then I have ever remembered, covered him back up and went back to bed for the best sleep I have ever had.
We both got up the next morning and my friend said that he had to go home. I saw him to the door and, as he was leaving, he turned and said, "next time, you get to pretend you're sleeping", and then he left.

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