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By Stoneypoint - Aug 9, 2010 - From short-sex-stories. Short stories - Views - 42521 She didn’t care any longer. She had to do it. Screw him. He already messed it up, at least once, she thought. I am going to get him back and I’m gong to get him back good. She found his phone while he was showering and cleaning up and found the phone number. She forwarded it to her own and went to the bathroom. “I’m heading out to the store” she told him, “be back in about a half hour.” He said okay.
“Harvey, its Jan, Billy’s wife… Hi, how are you?” she said. He said hi and asked her what he could do for her. How should she ask? “Well, I’d like to offer you a proposal.” Was that a good way of wording it, she asked herself. He asked what proposal. Truth was these two always hit it off, they got along well, even to the point sometimes they wondered of there was a lot more to their friendship. She began. She explained herself and what she wanted.
“You mean this, Jan…honestly?” he said.
“Yes, I mean it. I could explain everything but you probably already know half of it already” she told him.
“I do” he confirmed. “When then?” he said.
“Tonight, but most likely tomorrow…and from there…who knows?”
Without hesitation he said yes. He liked her. He thought she was very attractive. He loved her body, but he liked her more then life itself. At 36, he was a healthy specimen of a human being. Big, black, and more muscular then any real life bull, he had hardly an ounce of fat on his body. His biceps were huge. His chest was huge. But he was a handsome man and she loved his sweet personality as well as his demeanor. He was gentle and he came off as a loving and well intentioned person, which was true. One thing about him was true. Like her, he was crazy about her as was she with him.
“What time tomorrow?” he asked.
“What’s a good time for you?” she said. He said around 7:00 pm. “Then seven it is” she confirmed. “I can’t wait and you know it.”
He knew it as he smiled while hanging up the phone, but he wanted her more then life itself and seriously thought about calling in sick the next day. That way, he’d use his contacts and get one of the best hotel rooms in the city. That way, with the contacts he had, he’d get a huge hotel room with a great view and a huge shower and an even bigger bed then normal and he could confirm to her to meet him at nine in the morning and spend the whole day, regardless if her children came first.
“Hi, I’ve got an even better idea.” She asked what. “Take care of your kids. Get them off to where they need to be. I’ll get us a room” he told her. You’ll know where. I’ll let you know within the hour. Okay?”
She grew excited. She wanted to be with him. She wanted to be on him. She wanted him to be all over her too. God, she knew she liked him, but what could two people do for eight to ten full hours? Sex and more sex afterward? Wow, she thought…what a man he is even though looking at him physically was enough to say that, but he was more then that and she knew it through and through.
Within 35 minutes it was confirmed. 9:30 at the Sperry Hotel. That’s all it said. It was one of the nicest and highly solicited hotels in the area. She brought her bag but didn’t get there until 10:15. She was almost out of her mind she was so excited. To be with him, to be with him sexually…it was riveting her through and through. She was already on fire long before arriving. She could feel, and taste, his large black cock in her mouth. She could feel, and taste, his muscular and large chest against her lips and mouth. For that matter she could feel all his body suddenly all over her. And that included his nice muscular ass of course too. Yes it did. Yes, this woman was on fire. She was excited and crazy about him and what was to come. She was becoming hornier and hornier as she came closer and closer to seeing and being with her lover.
She knocked on the door while looking both ways. He walked up and opened it up. In a pair of shorts only, he smiled as his eyes glistened, and her eyes instantly bolted towards the chest. “How are you?” he said. She said, as she looked at his mighty muscle bound upper body and framed pectorals. He took hold of her hands and the two of them hugged. It was a long lasting hug. She loved it. He loved holding her too.
They kissed. It seemed to be the first of many romantic kisses that day. The room was elegant. She loved the amenities surrounding the room. It seemed to have just about anything they both wanted. His friend knew exactly what a woman wanted in life and made sure earlier that morning it was in the room for her. She knew he rarely went on dates and took care of pleasuring Harvey because she too wanted some kind of relationship some day with him.
“Wow” she said while still holding his hand, “what a room.”
“Yes, I’m impressed too” and he swung around and kissed her again, which she loved. “There is a huge bathtub which we can share” he said. “Want to fill it?”
A huge smile appeared. It’s all he needed and he headed as she followed towards the bedroom. It was a magnificent room. The bathroom was huge too. The tub had all sorts of knobs and spouts and she was equally impressed as was he. He turned it on, letting it fill as well as watching her undress. What a body. Curves, her breasts were bright and showed no signs of drooping whatsoever. She looked marvelous and when she turned to face him, she saw his smile, and she blushed. He told her he was more then impressed how she appeared, physically. He told her not many women, he assumed, still looked as gorgeous as she did, but as both knew they had a thing for one another so it did make a difference to each of them when she stood before him, her body naked except for her panties. He gazed upon her like she had gazed upon his body earlier.
“This means were even?” he said.
In the tub filled with suds and warm, warm water she sat in front of him. She adored how he held her so tenderly. He caressed her but not her breasts. However, she wanted them cuddled almost immediately, but didn’t tell him. She simply hoped he’d do it without her having to tell him. She leaned back against is big chest and rubbed his legs. Smiling she adored how it felt to be with him. As they sat they chatted about simple nothings. It was pleasant but all she wanted was nonstop sex with this man she liked. She always wished a day like this day would come and finally after seeing her husband that one late afternoon she decided it was time.
She’d seen him once before with her. They weren’t holding hands but walking and talking about stuff in general. She had to leave. They hugged. She watched it all. No kiss on the lips, but she wondered about that kiss he gave her on her cheek. Then ten days ago it happened again. A different mall this time. She followed closely behind them, careful not to be seen. He never saw her while he took the woman’s hand. They walked and they talked and the woman shopped. He pulled out a credit card each time. Before she knew it the woman had three bags full of merchandise. One of them from that nice lingerie store you always see in the mall. And what she bought was amazing. She didn’t even have half the stuff this woman had in her bag. Nevertheless, when the woman had to leave…that is when it all happened. She set her bags down. He took her by her waist. And in one full swoop, he grabbed hold of her and their lips not only touched, but they emblazoned on a new exotic trail of sorts. He was or already had fallen in love with another woman. Well now, she thought… Fuck him. I’m going to go out and do the same, but I am going to go out and do this with a man who appreciates and finds me highly attractive.
That brought her to this. Lying back in the tub, he caressed her figure, the tops of his palms, but not his actual hands pressing against the bottoms of her boobs. Take them Harvey, she told herself. Take them, feel them, grab them, and then let me turn around so you can make love to my tits, my breasts. I want that. I want to feel you making love to my tits in any way you want to Harvey. Please do it, she kept telling herself. Please oh please make love to my boobs. He did not so she did the next best thing.
She took his hands off her body and she actually placed them on her boobs. “Harvey, will you please make love to these” she said. Finally he understood she wanted this to happen and he wouldn’t stop making love with them. She was delighted as he toyed and teased her tits. God, it felt magnificent how he did it to her tits. Teasing her nipples drover her nuts. Bigger and harder they became. And low and behold they were superb in their size. He couldn’t believe how large and fat and solid they’d become. By that point he wanted to feel them inside his mouth, but seeing as they were both positioned the same way it wasn’t feasible. What next?
“Wanna get out of the tub?” she asked.
“Sure, yes” he said. They stood up but before stepping out, she turned around. She took his cheeks in her hands. And with that movement, she kissed his lips, hard. He kissed her back too. They stood in the draining water, kissing and kissing for what seemed forever, their cooling bodies huddled against each other intimately.
She loved it. She loved him. She loved being here in this hotel with him. God did she ever, she told herself, and with that they stepped out and dried off quickly moving to the large bed. She collapsed on it. He collapsed on her. Again, he made love to her breasts. But this time his mouth was all over them as her head and her eyes and her back and her body rolled up and down and down and up numerous times over. She loved it and wanted more and more of him making love to her tits. She told him not to stop. She told him she wanted him to do it all day, but she also knew she wanted his big black wand of a cock in her mouth. She knew she wanted to suck it until it was hard and ready for the next phase- Her pussy. Yes, she wanted to be fuck and fucked hard by her lover.
She started reaching down and stroking the cock and slowly he let off on her tits letting her get at it and before he knew it he was on his back. She was in between his legs. She did not stroke, she only mouthed it. Before she knew it she was swallowing it and sucking this man’s huge black monster of a cock, although it was not a monstrously fat cock. Still it was easily suitable as far as she was concerned. She loved it. She loved its length. She loved its size and width. She loved him and his body and her hands, while she sucked him off, were all over his chest and thighs. He moaned and edged all over the place as his lover, his beautiful white lover, sucked off his cock.
“Fuck me” she said.
“I was about to say the same exact thing, almost in those words” he told her.
They smiled and laughed and she mounted him and placed his hardness up inside her. She moaned a swift joyful moan. It felt great. A cock inside her again for the first time in… in months and months, she told herself. “Ohhhhhhh god, Harvey” she called out. Her eyes had closed and she remained motionless on top of him as she felt its rigid thickness inside her pussy. It was finally the glorious obtainable goal she’d longed for for how many months she had wanted this to happen and not necessarily with him, but who better then him she told herself. With her eyes still closed, she moved up its shaft. “Ooooooohh” she groaned. “Mmmmmm yes ohhhhhhh yes Harvey…if only you knew. If only you knew…” she said as her eyes finally opened and she smiled at his face. She took a huge breath of air into her lungs, sighing prophetically as if to establish a point in life. She looked deep into his eyes.
“Make me cum like no woman’s ever cum before. Fuck me and fuck me hard” she said.
He lifted her like a twig and flipped her over on her back as if laying something gentle down. From that moment forward it was almost all him. He went at her like a king. He fucked her with great movement and confidence. And before he knew it, she was screaming and moaning for more and more and even more.
She loved it. She loved every angle he came at her with. Sideways, from the backside, from one side or the other, and even letting her fuck him while she sat on top seated one way or another, these two fucked until she orgasmed not once, but twice.
And with that, she dropped to the bed, dripping, but joyously proud of what had been accomplished. She put her arms around her lover. She leaned in and kissed his cheek first. He turned and smiled at her. She leaned in again and this time they kissed one another on the mouth
“Will that work for you or do you need more of me?” he said.
“I’ll” and she was still breathing hard, “need…more…I think. But not…not now.”
“When then?” he said.
“Couple of days work for you?” she acknowledged.
“Two days form now would work perfectly” he said.
They smiled and snuggled for another hour, her hand toying and teasing his big limp cock. “I love this along with you and I can’t wait for our next get together. Here or where?” she said.
“I’ll text you, okay?”
They kissed and she was gone long before their day was done, but she had a permanent smile for the next two days on her face.

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