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Network Camera Article

Why IP Network Cameras Are Superior to CCTV Cameras

Why IP Network Cameras Are Superior to CCTV Cameras

IP Network Video Security offers products that allow you to monitor your home or business from anywhere across the globe. When you buy a video security system, you want the best. Although IP network cameras are more expensive than CCTV cameras, Network IP cameras make more sense as they offer a number of improvements like better image quality and less maintenance. There are many reasons you should consider them over CCTV cameras. Some are: High Resolution Images _ With network cameras you get higher resolution images, making it easier to identify pictures when you look at videos; no more blurred images, especially when they are moving. CCTV cameras have limited resolutions and cannot produce sharper resolutions, thus the images are blurred. Network cameras also provide advanced video analytics features, such as motion detection, audio detection and tampering alarms. Connectivity over Ethernet - Network cameras can be connected to any kind of LAN, or local area network, with Ethernet and enable remote viewing, controlling and recording from anywhere across the world. Meanwhile, traditional CCTV video systems cannot be powered over your Ethernet network and require a coaxial cable to be installed, meaning there is no possibility of remote access. Scalability _ As your needs grow, with IP surveillance systems, adding more network cameras to the system is easy without much change in the network infrastructure. With CCTV cameras it is very difficult because each camera requires its own cable, and image quality is also lost when long cables are used. Securemunication _ IP Cameras are highly secured and encrypted and also need authentication for access. CCTV video cameras, on the other hand, do not need any authentication and can be easily tapped into by hackers to record everything. Real Time Event Recording _ The IP Camera system is more efficient as it records events in real time and provides alerts in case of any suspicious activity. Traditional CCTV systems record events that can only be viewed after the event has occurred. PTZ Control - The IP Network Camera enables advanced remote monitoring, with pan, tilt and zoom, with control from any PC connected to the local area network or the Internet. It provides wide coverage with its ability to pan 360 degrees, while with a CCTV set-up, you need separate cables to control the PTZ feature of your camera. Cost Effective Infrastructure Choice _ With the IP Network camera you can connect through an existing Ethernet cable and have an IP address that gives you clarity of image and remote access. You can connect any number of cameras without any additional costs and send many streams of video. With CCTV cameras, you need expensive cables, and wireless installation is unreliable. The further you move from your DVR, the worse the image quality becomes. Com complete Digital Solution _ In the IP network video surveillance system the images are digitized as they are being recorded, giving a clear image quality. With CCTV cameras, analog signals need to be converted to digital, thus image clarity is lost. As you can see, it is clear that 4xem IP network cameras cameras are far superior and are the future of video surveillance. The amount of flexibility and performance IP cameras gives you far exceeds CCTV cameras; hence it makes sense to go with IP Network cameras.
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