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What Happens When You Seduce A Shapeshifter

What Happens When You Seduce A Shapeshifter

By Laylarae96 - Feb 9, 2010 14974 Burke growled. He had just been to a million hours long crime scene and was in the mood for a drink. He found himself at Tammi's and went in. Burke was slamming himself down on the bar stool when the barmaid entered. She was gorgeous with pretty curves, thick golden blond hair, ice blue eyes and full deep red lips. Burke became hard instantly and shifted so his erection wasn't so noticeable. The sweet barmaid just told him her name was Sandy and she asked him what he wanted. "Budweiser, no rocks, long- necks, " He barked. She rushed to get his drinks. Burke watched her walk. Her slow sexy gait was killing him as the girly playfulness lurking in her pale eyes. He guzzled the three Bud's and just couldn't keep his eyes off of her. Soon everyone was gone and it was closing time. Sandy ushered Burke out of his seat. "Go. It's time to close, " She hissed. He nuzzled her throat, "I'm still thirsty." Sandy glared at him. Burke resisted his urge to smirk at her, "Out!" She commanded. "I'm thirsty for pussy juice, " He growled, laving her jugular vein with his tongue. She shivered and pushed him away. "Go away!" Sandy was getting aroused and frustrated. Burke glared at her, "Not until I have you in my bed." Sandy heaved an exasperated sigh. "I'm not a fuck toy, " She snapped. Burke cocked his head and gave her a mischievous grin, "Please? Give a horny red blooded male some relief, " He teased. Sandy gave up trying to push him out the door and finally said, "Yes." Burke swept her into his arms and nuzzled the soft skin below her ear. As he carried her to his truck she began to whine like a dog and squirmed. Burke gave her a suspicious look. She gave him a sweet smile. He placed Sandy in his truck and got in the drivers seat. She kept looking worriedly at the sky. Burke drove him and silence passed between them. Once in his house Burke dropped the truck keys in the dish on the desk in the foyer. Then he pinned Sandy up against the wall.
Recently Burke managed to get a sexy waitress in his home. He pinned her against the wall, "I have a big cock. I don't want to hurt you. Are you a virgin?" Burke asked. She shook her head. He lowered his head and kissed her gently. The kiss built until Sandy melted against him. Burke cupped her sweet butt and pulled her hips up to his. She moaned and her head fell back. Burke nuzzled her throat again and began tugging off her blouse. When that was done he undid her bra with his teeth and it melted away. Her pants and panties were next. He swallowed when he saw the aroused flesh between her thighs. Shit, she was going to make him lose control very quickly. Sandy pulled off his shirt and undid his pants in return. They kissed passionately and then Burke fell to his knees, "Spread your legs, " He growled huskily. She obeyed and his mouth covered her soaked needy red pussy. His tongue flicked at her swollen clit and his teeth nibbled at her. Burke thrust his tongue up her channel and she tensed, moaned. "Oh my goodness! That feels...heavenly, " Sandy was squirming. Burke tongue fucked her harder. It wasn't long until she came. Her long fingers tugged at Burke's dark brown hair and he pulled away reluctantly. As he stood up she massaged his broad chest and her mouth closed around one of his male nipples. Burke groaned. He was fitting a condom on himself when she cupped his face and kissed him. The condom was finally on and Burke thrust into her. He rode her hard until her channel walls began to undulate and clench. They came together. Burke pulled out and removed the condom, tossing it into the trashcan beside the desk. Then he picked her up into his arms and took her to his bed. They kissed again, touched. Soon Burke was whispering naughty words. Sandy was enthralled by this male power and sexual charm. He made love to her again and again. For five hours. Sandy went into a fever pitch and collapsed unconscious underneath him. It was four thirty in the morning when she awoke.
Previously Burke brought Sandy home and screwed her. She blacked out and woke up half an hour later. Sandy knew what was going to happen next. It happened after every time she had sex. Slowly she began to morph into the form of a black female wolf. Burke sensed movement and woke up. Instead of cuddling a gorgeous blonde he was cuddling a black dog. Burke yelled, "Shoo! Shoo! Where's Sandy you filthy thing?" He cried. Sandy's voice echoed in Burke's thoughts. The thirty one year old gasped, "What are you?" Came Sandy's voice. She murmured. Twenty minutes passed and then Burke started petting the wolf. The wolf whined and pushed it's head into Burke's massive palm. Sandy asked. Burke fell off the bed, "What?!"

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