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Weekly Massage

Weekly Massage

By Tuesday Brown - Oct 24, 2008 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 17763 By the time the Paul left for the office she was ready to make the most of her day off. She checked herself in the mirror. That little red dress showed off her tan to perfection and her legs looked hot in these black, strappy heels. She pulled the brush through her long, black hair and touched the lip gloss to her plump lips. As she waved to Jeff across the street she noticed his glance fall to her long legs as she opened the car door and climbed in.
Her first appointment was to get her weekly massage. Her usual therapist was on leave and as she stepped into the day spa she noticed the tall, broad shouldered guy that was checking the laptop screen. "You must be Jess" he said taking in her full height in one continuous gaze. "I'm James and I will take you for your massage today". She kept lifting her gaze as he lead her to the treatment room but her eyes kept returning to his well defined arse.
"Do you agree Jess?" he asked as she dragged her mind back to what he was saying. "Sure" she said, not really knowing what she was saying sure to. "You know the routine" he said, "I'll pop outside while you undress and get on the massage bench. Place the towel over you as best you can and underwear is optional."
Taking in the angular cut of his jaw as he spoke, she couldnt help but notice the bulge in his white, low rider jeans as he stepped toward her and then moved out of the room.
She slipped off her dress and shoes and unclipped her bra. She noticed her nipples were hard and raised in the dim light of the massage room and as she dropped her red, lace gstring she noticed the wetness between her legs. As she climbed onto the massage bed face down and draped the towel loosely over her exposed body she felt that familiar stirring in her cunt. Laying face down with her fleshy, hairless mound pressed against the white linen sheet she knew it wouldnt take much to get her going.
As James came into the still, dimly lit room he placed his warm, strong hands on her shoulders and pressing down slightly spoke softly into her ear. "Jess how is your body feeling today. Any areas that you want me to concentrate on?" His breath was on her neck and she felt his shoulder length curls brush on her ear. She felt her cunt tighten and rocked her hips slightly forward into the massage bench to strengthen the feeling.
"Oh I have been working out a lot lately" she said biting the inside of her cheek, "My upper thighs are really tight and need some attention" she said hoping that might move him in the right direction.
He started work on her upper shoulders and back and she loved the slow, strong movements of his hands as he oiled her skin and worked his hands over it. He moved down to her feet and gradually, frustratingly slowly, worked up to the backs of her knees and then to her thighs. When he lifted her right leg and placed it to the outside of the table she wondered if he could feel her excitement. As he lifted her left leg and shifted that to the outside of the table she felt a shiver run down her body and she knew that he sensed that. She nuzzled her mound into the bench deeper and as she did she felt him place both palms firmly on the towel that by now barely coverd her arse. He pushed down firmly and she gasped as he did.
"You are tense aren't you" he said. " Is there anywhere that you don't feel com comfortable for me to touch?" he asked.
Struggling to speak as she felt herself get wetter she turned her head and breathed "No James. I am com comfortable for you to touch me anywhere that you think is important to release this - tension."
He drizzled the oil along both thighs. He paused and then she felt his soft firm hands start to work her thighs. As he edged closer to the towel she felt her excitement start to build. She felt his fingertips touch the bottom of the towl. He paused a moment and she felt his hands edge under the towl and onto her bare, tight buttocks. He paused again.
"Is that ok?" he asked and she felt the expectation in his voice.
"Thats fairly OK" she replied, "but it could be more OK" she teased.
His well oiled hands massaged her buttocks and then she felt his fingers brush along the crease of her bottom moving down. "Oh" she sighed and his hands continued their journey up along the inside of her thighs, gradually working closer to her now wet and ready cunt.
She lifted her arse slightly and shifted her knees further apart as she did so. He paused and then she felt his oiled hands moving up to her cunt. His fingers started to tease her. She was so close to coming that it would take very little to get her there. His fingers were in her now and she flexed and tightened, working his hand inside of her. With no more effort she felt herself coming and rising to her hands and knees as his hand worked her effortlessly she tossed her long dark hair back and came.
She lowered back down onto her stomach and lay still for a moment before she felt him stroking her back.
Swinging her legs over the edge of the bench she sat and faced him. His white trousers were betraying his excitement and she reached out and clasped his belt, pulling him to her and between her legs. She took the bottom of his t shirt and as he lifted his arms she peeled it over his head. His tanned, hard muscled torso was divine and she licked his nipples and ran her hands over his chest and shoulders. She unbuckled his tan, leather belt. Undid the botton on his jeans and unzipped the fly.
His cock fell out as she unzipped. Huge and hard it was beautiful and she wanted it inside of her immediately. Taking it in her mouth she worked it hard and then running her hands along his hard, muscular thighs she rose up and faced him. He kissed her hard on the mouth and his hands took her breasts and squeezed them. She felt his massive thigh lifted and rubbing between her legs and she saw her come gleeming on his tanned skin. She lifted her feet up onto the bed with knees bent and spread wide and he sucked her cunt, his tongue working her until she could take no more. Then he was in her. Huge and powerful and working her hard and to her rythm. He was amazing and she could see by his face that he was ready to go to. The two of them exploded and as he did so he slapped her on the arse which gave her the biggest rush.
She eased off the bed and laying him on the floor she took his balls in her hand and softly played with them. Her other hand moved to his arse and she started to work that too. Before long he was ready to go again and straddling his chest she worked her cunt along is well defined six pack. Still on his chest she turned around and took his dick in her mouth while he worked her clit and her arse with his tongue and fingers.
Now on all fours, he took his hard dick and started working her arse with it. Slowly and with the massage oil he worked her until she was ready. He entered her arse gradually. She had never done anal but she was loving this. Taking the smooth, chrystal paperweight from his desk he started working her cunt with that while he worked her arse with his dick. Before long they were spent again and the two of them lay exhausted on the floor.
"I hate to say this but my next appointment will be here in 2 minutes" he said.
He left the room and she slipped back into her dress.
"Christy is back next week" said James as Jess entered reception. "Would you like your usual appointment?" he asked.
"Oh no I havent been that happy with Christy for a while" winked Jess, "Why dont you book me in to see you again next week."
James smiled as he lead his next client down the hall.

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