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What A Day

What a Day

By StoneyPoint - Nov 30, 2010 40524 It turned horrible that day. Almost everyone knew it would. People turned out and most stayed outdoors anyways but Shepherd and Anise found their way inside. Both stopped sweating once they did while relaxing in the comfort of the host’s cool home.
She was only 36. She was as pretty as they came too. She knew it but never let on that she did either. Her hair glistened. Her eyes, magnetic, and that smile…it made everyone take another glance at her. Wow, how could she be so pretty they thought? No way could that woman, Anise, be as attractive, as pretty, and as well built as she was. But yes, she was gorgeous and she never ever hardly ever worked at her body. It came naturally.
He was only 25. He was in great shape too but this humidity, it was way too much for him and sitting in the backroom, watching everyone, his perspiring began to slow down and eventually stop too. Nice hairdo and great eyes as well, he was well spoken, and also college educated. He snuck looks at her. Nice boobs, he told himself, and he’d seen her standing up…she had a nice figure too. He smiled inside. He sure wouldn’t mind seeing her in a bikini he thought earlier. Nope, not at all.
They didn’t know each other. They’d never met. She looked at him but didn’t stare like he had at her. Still, she found him…okay… attractive in some ways. She liked that but still hadn’t conversed with him. Not that afternoon…not for a while at least.
Their eyes met. Each smiled then looked away at the people outside trying to bare the suppressing heat of the day. Finally she spoke up. “Hot out isn’t it?” He smiled and nodded. Then he spoke up and said it was too hot…way too hot. “Yes, you are right about that.” Silence ensued for a few minutes. She looked at him again. “I’m…Anise and…you are?” she went on to say.
“Oh, sorry…I’m Shepherd. Everyone calls me Shep but you can call me whatever you’d like… Shep, Shepherd” he told her as he felt his blood overheating. He liked this older woman. He liked her looks a lot. If only he could…look and stare and be exceptionally rude and gaze upon her highly attractive figure. Yes, I know…I know, that’s rude as hell, he told himself. She smiled at what he’d told her about being called either Shep or Shepherd and told him that was rather nice seeing as the two didn’t know one another. “No…noooo…that’s fine… I really don’t mind…Anise.”
She smiled some more. He fell instantly in love with her smile. Silence ensued again. Looking around, neither stared at the other, but he knew…yes, he knew…god it would be so cool if the two of them could…naw that is preposterous.
“You have a…girlfriend, Shepherd?” he heard her say out of no where.
Her eyes looked right into his soul. Damn, he could feel her eyes reaming it. Wow, it was incredible how he felt…her eyes leached in on him like they were…almost attached to his body how they were… Jesus, man oh man…wow…it is incredible how she’s…looks at me like she does, he thought.
“Um no…no I don’t. Uh…we broke up…I don’t know…about three months back. No, it was four months now that I think of it.” And then as quickly as he answered her he asked “And you…you married, dating, or anything like that?” Wow, now that was a dumb question, he told himself.
“No, not married” she said “but I was…for a very short five months” she said, smiling into his eyes. “Tell me about yourself” she went on to say. “What are your…plans later on…today?”
His body temp…it went sky high. He felt a trembling, a riveting he hadn’t felt in ages. The question made his body feel all…wild. What…in the…hell…did she mean by that? What are my plans…later on today? Hell, I don’t know. Probably go on out with some friends…you know, watch some games, party…I don’t know, yet.
She waited, patiently.
He finally looked at her…all of her…as she smiled at him…and his physique, but she waited. “I don’t know actually” he told her. “Usually… well usually I’ll go out with friends and watch football or basketball and drink…the usual thing to do.”
Silence again.
A small grin rested on her lips. She was nodding too. He wondered why she was nodding. “So we’ve established, more or less, you’re going out tonight. Isn’t that right?” He nodded along, with a smile, and a question on his mind as well. “We’ve also established you do like…women… Is that…correct?” she said quietly. There was silence in the room again, but this time these two lone strangers stared at each other as he wondered what was truly going on. Meanwhile, her eyes did not leave his making him both a little uncom comfortable, but also a little aroused as she gazed deeply into his eyes. “Now, could I ask you something else?” He said sure as something caught his throat. “What is it, about women, in general, you like most of all...say for instance your ex-girlfriend?”
He didn’t know how to answer her. “Was it…her personality? Was it…” and she lowered her voice to a sultry tone “her body possibly?” He wasn’t stunned but he felt…pressured to answer her. She didn’t smile any more then she had. Her voice didn’t change too much but he could feel a presence about her that made him…want her… Yes, that was it… he felt he wanted her…madly almost terribly for some reason. “Is that it, maybe? You liked her for her…figure, her physique? Did she have a great figure?” Anise asked.
He gulped, again, and he even felt himself blushing. He didn’t know how to answer her at all and then she stood up. Anise happened to be wearing a dark sleeveless blouse. It was conservative but it did define her breasts somewhat, he thought. Due to the heat of course she had on a nice pair of shorts too. She looked spectacular in it but not too showy or sexy for that matter.
“Okay…so maybe that was not a good question?” she said.
She knew it. “No, no it’s fine” he came back. “In fact, to be honest with you” and he again gulped “she sort of looked…a little like…you.”
“Me, really… You’re teasing?” she said, a grand smile forming on her face. “Not me. Really…you mean that?”
“Actually…yes I do to be honest” he said as his eyes floated from her face, over her full breasted upper body, and on down past her tummy and then the rest of her body. Back to her face, he smiled, and then he said. “Honestly, she does.”
Anise had no idea what to say. She was touched. She was excited too. She liked that she was viewed as a good looking woman, or so she thought. “So what you’re telling me is that…I’m…also a…good looking woman in your eyes?” He nodded. She shook her head in disbelief. She waved her hands over her figure. She looked down at it as if she couldn’t believe his words. “Soooo…does this mean…you also like my figure?”
Holy shit, he thought. Are you like kidding me? Hell yes. Hell yes I do, he thought. If only you knew. If only you knew, he told himself. He didn’t let on that he felt that way but she could tell. She wanted him, badly too, and she was more then ready to let on she felt that way.
Silence befell the room. Still no one from outside had come in. They sat quietly.
“I have a…an invitation” she said all of a sudden. “I’d love to invite you to the house. I have a pool. You, me…we could go swimming. That’s all…just swim, get to know each other a little. Nothing more, ” she told him.
OHHHHH MY GOD…ME, YOU, AND… AND YOU IN A BATHING SUIT, A BIKINI EVEN, he thought. FUCK…YES…LET ME IN…LET ME…OHHH GOD, YES OH YES…YES…FUCK YES. He confirmed it a little too loudly. He said yes. A smile settled in on his face. He wanted to know her address before he even said yes, but he caught himself and said yes and then asked where she lived.
He got it, he said his goodbyes to everyone, and he was gone to his place to get his bathing suit. She was barely home. She was setting up the bar and heading to her room to get on her… Hmmm, bathing suit or bikini, she wondered? Which one will he…oh come on Anise…you know that answer. She put it on. She turned around in the mirror. “Mmmmm, he is going to like me in this” she told her image. “Yes he is.”
The doorbell rang. Swiftly, she put on a gown to hide her well toned figure. She opened up the gown. She looked at her figure. First her legs, especially her thighs, and then the rest of her- Her toned flat tummy and of course her boobs. She hefted them in the palms of her hands. The bikini had made her look fit and trim or maybe she made the bikini look great on her. She didn’t know which way to decide but either way she knew one thing.
“This will be a fun afternoon with him. I know he’s up to it. I’m hungry and he is too.”
She opened the door. “Hiiiiiiii Shepherd” she said. He was already in his trunks. She got a very, very good look at his legs, and of his chest as well. A little bit of hair on it, plus his pecs, but overall his upper body was…ohhh yes…it was everything a woman wants in a man, she thought. “Come on in. I see you’re already…ready. Good, great…yes” she said. “Me too” and she took his hand in hers “so let’s go swimming.”
Damn, he thought. He was following her out to the pool, his eyes only on her hips, and then on that ass. Uh…ohhhhhhh…her ass…oh…my god…Jesus… I have…never… whoa her ass is… Fuck…what a great ass she…
“So what do you think of my pool?” she asked merrily.
He was all ready to dive in, but waited. It was her pool. He wasn’t going in unless she told him too. He told her it was magnificent. He loved it. She was happy. Looking at him, in that bathing suit, and looking at his “pyramid” shaped physique made her think dirty thoughts as she stood taking off her gown to “unload” her own body for him to see too. But something appeared wrong to her too. She couldn’t place her finger on it but there was something wrong as she gazed upon his bare upper body. What was it, she asked herself. What was…hmmm, what was…wrong with him? She couldn’t figure it out at all.
She told him to dive in. He heard her voice. He heard her words. He turned around and they smiled at one another. She said to dive in and so he did, but when he swam back around to the shallow end of the pool her eyes…went wide.
Oh…my…lord, she thought. Does…he know it? Oh my…god, he doesn’t even know it yet. He can’t know it. She stared at him. No it was more like she stared at…it.
“Um…what…what’s” and he had turned his head as he asked “wrong Anise?”
Nope, he didn’t know. “Uh…Shepherd…” and she also pointed “your trunks…they slipped down” she told him as her eyes remained glued to his “business” down below. He realized it and swung around, allowing her to see his nice firm ass while he quickly pulled his swimming trunks back up. Then he tightened them up a little more. He apologized. She smiled again as she said, heartwarmingly “Um no…no...don't worry, honey.” But when she added “I will say this... You are…in great shape, if you want my opinion” she held one heck of a smile on her face. But Shepherd, although knowing he was in great shape blushed a tone of hard red. “It is…okay. Honestly…it’s alright.”
They stared at each other. She wished she could and almost did it too but said “Care if I...uhhh...take off my top?" She winked and added "It might make you more com comfortable.” He wished he could say yes a million times over after seeing her cleavage and boobs, but said no out of respect for her. They both swam around and talked while she held most of the discussion, but Anise knew exactly where this day was headed. “Care to go inside…get something to drink?”
He agreed as he pulled up his bathing suit while getting out of the pool. Inside, they sat in the kitchen. She hadn’t put on a gown and walked around, as is, so he could view her great looking boobs from where he sat. “Uh what…is there something wrong, honey?” she said. He didn’t expect her to call him honey. He told her no. She smiled as she turned to face him. Her boobs looked incredibly appetizing, he thought. She walked towards him as the boobs seemed to grow…larger. “Shep…oh Shepherd?” she said. “Are you…are you staring at these?” she asked, her head looking down upon her full sized tits.
He shook his head realizing she caught him in the act. She smiled but he didn’t see that she was, yet. He looked away and then looked into her eyes. He felt embarrassed. “It is alright you know. I love that some men, like you, look at me like that.”
“Wha-what did you…say?” he asked.
“I like that some men…like you…look at these… I mean it too.” Silence again befell them. Then she abruptly said “Shepherd… Would you care to feel these?" But what she told herself was I really really wouldn’t mind it at all. Ohhh, please…oh please say yes. Please touch them, she thought as she almost closed her eyes on the idea. She waited. Nope, he hasn't touched them, yet. She waited some more. Nope he still hasn’t touched them. Come on, Shepherd, she thought... Okay then I’ll have to do this all by myself, she told herself. She smiled as she did it. Her hand rose, slowly. She brought it close against the upper portion of her breast. Closer… closer as she watched his eyes and then she put her hand against her tit. She watched him as she slid it back and forth on the boob. She smiled while doing it.
All of a sudden her hand went further, deeper inside the bikini’s top. His eyes were magnetized by it all. It had gone down inside her bikini top, he told himself. As he watched her do it, her eyes closed. He finally felt…weird. Shepherd noticed that Anise closed her eyes and here she was feeling her own tit and right in front of him!
Ohhh god, he thought. I wish that was me doing that Oh shit! If only she knew what I felt inside. Abruptly...out of no where...his cock started to tingle. He blinked once that happened All of a sudden he felt...horney. He felt...aroused as hell He took a subtle and quiet deep breath of air as he watched her slowly caress her own tit. She looked at her boob while doing it too. She wasn’t watching him at all. As she felt it, in front of him, he became hornier and hornier as he watched it all unfold.
His eyes were glazing over as she did it and out of nowhere she asked “Would you like to do this?” Her voice sounded soft. “Would you…feel my boob…here?” She looked right into his eyes. She looked at him, deeply. “You do. I can tell” she added. “I can see it in your eyes. Go on…do it” she persisted affectionately. “Feel my tits. It’s okay… Really it is, honey. Go on…I’d love to feel your hands on me…here.”
And out of no where he felt her hand on his. Out of no where his hand rose. Out of no where his cock tingled wildly and prickled madly. He felt her hand, on his, and he felt it pulling his hand, upwards. He saw it but he didn’t. All he knew was his hand was about to feel her boob, her...tit. He was going crazy with…desire all over. He couldn’t wait. He wanted this woman naked as ever. God, did he ever. His eyes felt like they were going out of control. All of him did. All of a sudden he saw his hand. He felt it on something too. All of a sudden he was on her…on her boob? Was he hard? Was he nuts? Was this all real? It did make him close his eyes.
Here he was...he was feeling this sexy woman's...tit.
“Oh…ohhh…ohhhhhhh…god… Oh wow…wow” he heard himself say. “That’s awesome. You, your boobs…they’re awesome” he told her. She smiled and moved his hand around as she watched him react to it. His hand started holding it, carefully, but before long she felt his hand squeezing it, wanting her boob a lot more. “Uh…ohhh yes” he told her. With his yes closed and unable to believe he was doing this, feeling her tit, with his hand he stood frozen and felt her up in the kitchen nonetheless.
“It feels nice…great to feel a real woman’s breast again?” she asked.
He nodded and without her request his other hand came up and started feeling the other one. She loved it and watched as he fondled them both. Before he knew it, her bikini top was loose. She reached back and undid it, smiling to let him know she wanted them both felt a lot more. She let it down easily. He hadn’t realized it and when it loosened he saw how great her tits really were.
Self supportive, almost, they did not drop much at all. Full, very round too, the two boobs had suggestively large nipples, and he noticed that right away. “Like them do you?” she asked. He said, and nodded, a yes. “Then go on…feel them” she told him as she closed her eyes. He reached for them and felt their “strength.”
The nipples had “substance” he had never felt in his entire life. Hers were powerful. Her nipples, as he felt each one, fattened, and stiffened to unnatural size. He knew what he wanted at that moment. He wanted to put his mouth, and his tongue all over them. He wanted to play with these nipples, these hard fattened nipples, all day long. She loved it too. It made her feel tingly all over as he played and he played with the hard and still soft nipples. She moaned as he felt them up. She squeezed her body towards his. She felt aroused even as he fingered the nipples like he had.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhh” he heard her utter. “Let’s…oh let’s…oh…my…uh ooooooohh…let’s go and…and lie down. Let’s go to my…to my bedroom and do all this.”
To…her bedroom, he thought. To your bedroom, he told himself. God, yes…that would be so…cool as she led him to it. Her bedroom. It was immaculate or so he thought. Her bed was huge. Holding his hand as they came into it, he didn’t know what to expect but when he saw it and how large and ornate it was he couldn’t believe it.
She turned around. Her naked breasts staring him in the eyes. Still smiling, she took hold of his body. He went along not knowing what to expect. Her body came closer. Her smile too. Before he knew it, her lips were on his. Before he knew it, she was kissing him, madly, and he loved every last second of it. Her boobs pressed against his chest and he felt how hard they were pressing. His cock, boning for her body, wanted her badly too.
“Mmmmmm, now that’s a kiss…isn’t it?” she told him as she pulled away. “Do that some more?” She didn’t wait for an answer. She simply went at his lips, kissing them crazily, and stirring up his hormones to a height she wanted and hoped she could reach.
His eyes were ablaze with desire. It was evident too. She asked if he wanted to feel her tits some more and he nodded anxiously that he’d love to. Finally, she sat down, and then laid down so he could play and even suck on those two hard, sexy nipples of hers. He kissed and he sucked and he even licked them wildly. Anise loved how it felt and told him too making him go at her nipples even more.
But she wanted something he hadn’t expected. “Fuck my tits” she said.
She looked for his answer. Fuck…your boobs was the look she saw in his eyes and she said yes, gently as if to confirm what she’d said. He looked down knowing he was hard and nothing was needed to get him that way. But…but I’m…but I’m already hard, erect he told himself. Don’t you…don’t you want to…to suck me off, first?
“It’s okay if you’re hard you know. I like a cock that’s already hard and horny. Is yours?”
He nodded. As soon as he did she reached for it. She felt its “strength.” She felt how thick and hard and long it was as her palm formed around it on the bathing suit. “I guess that’s going to have to come off now, isn’t it?” He blushed but nodded.
He slowly pulled it down…down passed his knees. She watched as it arouse…straight up and stiff as it stood to attention for her. She loved its demeanor. She loved how it seemed to behave, for her. Her eyes drooled as if it wanted, needed, and had to have her all over her loveliness, her body…her figure only. Yes, his cock was hard as ever. Yes, it was erect and probably raging, wanting her a lot. Yes, his cock was hard and it was long. Yes, his cock was as fat as they came too. And yes…yes…she hungered for it. Her mouth started to water for it more then he ever expected it too.
He looked at her boobs. He hungered for them in his mouth but no…no…she wanted his manhood. She wanted it inside her booming tits. She wanted him…him and his cock shoved up inside them…over and over and over as she held them and pressed them together and felt that immense manhood thrusting its way up, inside her two tits…thrilling her more then she could have expected earlier that day.
He mounted her. He watched her eyes and expressions as he did. He held his cock as he did but it didn’t need holding. He leaned over and placed it inside those two large treats. They glistened, like her eyes and smile, and he pushed, hard, up inside them. She pulled her head back as he did it. Her eyes closed too. More, she thought, more…do that again. Do it again, she told herself, and in her expression. Yes…ohhhhhhh yes…just like that. Yes…that’s it…do it again…more…more…more, she felt herself saying as she pushed up and into that long hard cock.
This is crazy, he told himself. She really likes this that much? He pushed some more. Up, down…up, down…up, down…he repeated it several more times, for her. Her bosoms pushed upwards. Her boobs lifted up off her bed. She was holding and pushing them together. More…more, her expression kept saying. Really, you want more he kept telling himself. You want…more? That’s right so he did it. He fucked those two wild tits.
“Wow…I loved how you did that Shepherd. That…it felt great. It did. It really did.”
He smiled and thanked her but she probably didn’t hear him say thanks. She reached up and took hold of it in her hands. Once she did she swirled it around and around as she toyed with it and also looked at him while she did. Finally, she grabbed its solidity, holding it firmly, and smiling at the pleasure of holding his aroused cock.
“Mmmmmm, I am so glad…so happy we got together…aren’t you too?” she asked.
She then saw something. She peered at it a little closer. Was that…pre-cum? What was that? He knew what it was. He came, a little. He pushed it down inside him. No, I can’t cum, yet…can I? Hell no…uh uhhh…I can’t cum yet. Don’t…do not cum.
“Are you alright honey?” she asked.
“Oh uh yeah” he said. “You uh…you turn me on so much” and his eyes enveloped her beautiful mature boobs “that I’ve become so…you know…horny?”
“Really…you’re that horny? You want me to get on with it all…like a blow job or just play with it…or should we umm…you know…just…you know…let’s do it?”
“Uhhh…” and he took a deep breath. He felt himself sweating as he thought about the possibility of his body, his flesh against hers. “Yeah…I’d love to do that… I mean if that’s what you want.” Then he looked down on her naked figure, except for the bikini bottoms that is. She was waiting for him to pull them off. Oh god… Oh god...she wants me…me to…to pull them off, or something. I just want to lick her out… No, I want to fuck her too.
She pushed them down. Yes, she shaved too. Her pussy looked awesome. Clean shaven she looked tight and young…real, real young down there he thought. He pushed his all the way off and knelt above her surveying her figure. She smiled, still, and asked how he liked her body. He told her he loved it but acted nervous too.
“Don’t be nervous” she said. “Here, let’s spread out my legs. You place that inside and up against me here” and she patted her pussy’s lips. “Yes…that’s right…right… Uh ooohh mmmmm…that’s it. Now go in me…go inside me…make me” and she closed her eyes as he eased and pinched himself inside her pussy “horny. Make me feel more aroused. Uh ohhhhhhh…yeah…yeah…Shepherd…oh yeah…like that… Deeper, further” she had said to him as her body enveloped his frame.
His cock. It felt incredible inside her. To feel a man’s cock, once again, after so long a time…this felt great. No, it felt incredibly wonderful she told herself. The wholesome and natural feel of his hard and long cylinder…up inside her gratuitous hole… She couldn’t stop it. She didn’t want to stop it either as she breathed hard while it went in further down inside the glorious soggy hole. Swollen and already soaked inside, she yearned for him more and more. She couldn’t get enough of it.
Feeling his cock filling her up so magnificently like it was doing… No, there wasn’t anything better then what was happening at that moment on this day. She knew it too and breathed hard, almost letting him know how great that moment, that day was. And as it all happened, she moaned aloud. She moaned a long, loud moment too. She craved this. She felt him inside her body. She started clawing at him all the while he filled her hole with his cock. With both horny and aroused as they were, he went deeper and further into her great cunt.
“Do you like this?” he said looking at her.
“Oh…yes…yes of course I do, my love” she said barely getting her words out. “More, don’t stop…please…come out and then go back inside me! Repeat it all over again” she added… “Over and over… Don’t stop…don’t stop…doing that.”
So that was what he did. He plucked her. He did what she told him to do. He pulled out. He went back in. He pulled out and went back in, repeatedly. She felt it filling her up and loved it. He’d pulled out and then go back in…over and over and over. Filling her hole up repeatedly, she told him to do it more. She told him to do it faster, so he did. More and faster and more which only made both of them hornier then ever.
She swelled up all over inside and wrapped her legs around him, wanting it nonstop. Her fingers grabbed at sheets. Her fingers clawed at his body. He was getting…better…no really good at this as he laid into her pussy, pleasurably. Breathing hard, both immensely loved being at one another’s body, and it was a moment for the cameras to remember, he told himself.
God, this woman, and me…doing it today…this was… ohhh wow… Oh no…no, he thought and out of no where he said “I think I’m…gonna cum.”
”Then do it…cum inside me, all over me” she said. She sounded happy to know it. “I’d love to feel that” she said as if expecting it to happen. “Cum…cum inside me… I want to feel you cum inside me.”
”Not on…you?” he asked.
“Whatever way you wish to do it” she huffed. “Do it…go for it.”
He couldn’t hold it. He exploded inside Anise’s pussy. She loved it either way as she pulled him down on top of her. Before he knew it, she held him firmly, and she kissed him lovingly…for quite a while.
“Want to lie with me for a while. That’s what makes loving like this…special” she said.
They lay together while he thought about how he got to this point. Wow, he told himself… What a day! What…a woman, too. He looked at her while they held one another in their arms. Her boobs…they still looked delicious and he knew he could suck on them some more. As he looked at her tits, he wondered what he should next. But she held him, closely, and Shepherd liked how she felt in his arms. Her body was warm. Her body was more then anything he’d ever had, although he’d had a few women in his time, this woman was incredibly wonderful. The day had been awesome and he thought about it at that moment… How could I be so lucky…how…wow, how could I ever, ever get this lucky in life? He watched her as she lay looking at him. Again, she was smiling.
“This was one heck of a day…wasn’t it Shepherd?” She smiled, leaned in, and she kissed him on his lips. “Mmmmmm, I think so, at least.” She nodded and smiled, which she always seemed to be doing, and said yes to her own question. She pulled herself close so she could snuggle against him.
Before long, he felt something…something odd. What…what the hell was that? No…oh my…god, he told himself… Somehow she was kneeling at his groin, his cock. Was she actually trying to get him hard, again? Wow…what a day this had been already. He smiled and took her body. He kissed her hard and then took her hand and placed it on his limp cock. “Here…make me hard again. Let’s see what happens this time” and she said it would be her pleasure.

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