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Minnesota News Article

Wifes First Date The Set Up

Wifes First Date The Set Up

By Scoddy71 - Jul 15, 2008 - From longstories. Longer erotic stories - Views - 15217 Her heart was in her chest. She had been always been encouraged to speak openly but as she inspected the outfit her husband had laid out on the bed for her she became almost dizzy. She could not believe how this came to be, unsure if she could follow through but sure she wanted to find out how far she was capable of going.
They had often fantasized to each other about other men and women. She had told her husband about him, an attractive man younger than her husband yet older than her. She had met him through work and perhaps it was simply the physical chemistry maybe his personality, possibly the uniform but likely a combination of the three. She wanted him and over time had gotten com comfortable talking about him while her and her husband played. She never imagined nor really hoped it could ever be real.
Three nights prior he had broken the news to her. She had been talking about her girlfriend and giving him oral for quite some time when he started in. She wasn’t surprised at all. She knew how this talk affected him and could tell by all his pre cum that he was insanely turned on. “I’ll bet you wish he was here right now..” as she attentively licked his cock. “mmmmm hmmm” is all she could muster as she took his length into her mouth. She was not ashamed to say yes to this question any longer. In fact, the mere mention of him by her husband made her wetter which was nearly impossible given the additional pussy talk she had just been doing.
She loved when he played this game with her but was surprised by how she gushed. He continued letting her write her own story… “and what would he be doing if he were here right now?” “mmmm..” she started and made a slurping noise as his cock flopped out of her mouth. With a devilish grin she looked him in his eyes and sexily responded, “well if he were here he’d obviously be fucking me right now.”, just saying that to her husband almost made her cum as she started licking the head of his cock. She’d never said that before as her husband had made suggestions and she simply agreed. She was now hoping he would continue as she looked him in the eyes.
His response, taking too long, and her not wanting this vein of discussion to stop, she decided to press the issue. “I know you’d like to see him fucking me wouldn’t you.” It was not a question, she had already heard the answer many times before but she was still pleased with his response… “Absolutely, Baby, that would be so fucking hot.” She smiled. She knew she had him where she wanted as she continued to ever so slowly lick the very tip of his cock, fully knowing that the image of what she was doing to him was likely more potent for than the actual tactile feel of her hot mouth and tongue.
He continued, which thrilled her and she was surprised at the wetness flowing down the inside of her thighs… “I just love the fact that you’d consider doing that..” “it’s so damn sexxxxy that you want another man” he said as he laid his head back….”mmmm”. This stunned her to a degree. She knew this was dirty talk, which they both adored, but what did he mean when he said she’d consider doing that? He’d never said THAT before. Her mind raced as she continued running her mouth over his cock. This was only play for her, she thought at first, but then started to wonder if that were the case. She was so turned on she could not control her heartbeat.
She could not talk with a mouthful of cock so she crawled up on his body and lowered her drenched pussy onto his face. She wanted this, to a degree, his tongue inside her, but this was more to free her mouth so she could talk. She knew not where to go with this, so she continued as if still in the game. “Are you saying you’d consider letting me fuck him, sweetie?” She asked as his tongue feverishly worked inside her. “MMMMmhhhhhMMMMMM” is all she could make out. Did that mean what she thought and hoped it meant? Did SHE even know what she hoped he meant? Her mind was spinning now and did not realize what she said next until she heard the words in her own ears. “You DO know I’d love to if I ever really got the chance.”
His tongue stopped at the same time her heart did and he looked up at her. Did she cross the line, she wondered. He smiled and went back to licking her. “Penny?” she asked, in an almost panicking state.
He pushed her off of him and while looking in her eyes simply replied, “I was soo hoping you would say that.” Not even thinking, she quickly asked, “Why do you say that?” She never could have imagined his reply. “Because you two are going out this weekend.”
“What is THAT supposed to mean?” she asked. His response flooring her… “Well I tracked him down and had lunch with him. He’s a nice guy, you know. I had no idea he was single. Funny how you kept THAT little bit of info from me.” He winked at her as he said it and continued… “I explained the situation to him, how much you wanted him and how I wanted to make it happen for you.” She smiled. She was shocked and pretty sure her heart had now stopped. She was speechless as he continued… “He said it was obvious how you felt and he meant no disrespect by flirting back with you. He knew you were married but was always hoping something could happen.” “You OK, Hon?” he asked.
She had no idea what to say. “What… I.. I don’t understand…” he touched her leg. “Look, you know how much I love you and I’d be thrilled if I could give this to you.” She started to refuse and he said it was too late. “All of the arrangements have been made. You’re going on a date and that’s it.” Her head continued to spin. She was becoming aware that yes, she was pretty sure she wanted this too and she went back to milking her husband’s cock. He continued to discuss it while she intently listened. She knew this was not going to be an ordinary blow job.
“I’ve made all of the arrangements. You guys are going out for a good time. I’ve promised him nothing. You are in COM complete control. If at any time you want to come home, he will bring you back here without any questions or pressure.” Strangely she thought she was cumming while listening to him just talk about it. This could really happen, she thought to herself as she continued to work his cock in her special way. She was going to make him cum but this time she did not want him to stop. He asked her what she was thinking and she remained silent. He KNEW what she was thinking as she was hungrily milking him. It was obvious to him that she was feeling intense feelings she’d never known before. He moaned and continued talking… “For what it’s worth, I hope you have a REALLY good time…” and then tried to push her head away. She knew he was cumming but she wanted him this time. Not as a favor to him but for herself. She felt sexily dirty, slutty in a sexy way and she wanted to swallow every drop of his cum.

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