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While The Cats Away WE Will Play

While the cats away WE will play

By Dow Jones - Nov 2, 2008 - From first- time. First time sex story - Views - 26293 It started innocently enough. It was her birthday party, and a few friends brought the food, drinks, and cake to my place. A little dancing, a little flirting, you know the drill. This was considered a big event in this one-horse town, worthy of a headline in the local rag. She was the last to show up, being a suprise party, and she was substantially suprised. But her attire was, shall we say, miniscule, because I invited her on the pretense of a hot night of sex.
After the alcohol was gone, the cake destroyed, and before they rolled up the streets, the merry crowd went about their merry way, proclaiming the successfull end to another record-setting bash to be archived in the history books. She came to me, as if in my many fantasies of her, speaking in low tones of certain arousal, rubbing my cock with her hands. "I could use this, if you want", she breathed into my ear. "Some dreams do come true", I told her as I took her hand, and lead her to my room. "When are your parents due back?" she asked. "Not until tomorrow afternoon", I replied. "Good, we have time." I shut the door, not knowing why, and went to the stereo to put on some music. While my back was turned, she had com completely disrobed, and was under the covers. "No fair", I said. "I didn't get to see anything". "You'll see all of me in no time". I went to her and kissed her, tongues wrestling in a passionate dance. We broke for air, and I said, "this is my first time." She smiled that dazzling smile of hers and said, "I wouldn't have it any other way." "I don't know what to do, well kinda know what goes where, but don't know how to make you feel good." "Don't worry, I will tell you what feels good, and what doesn't", she replied. She watched as I took my shirt and jeans off. I hesitated with my briefs, and she said, "can't do much with those on." I peeled them off, revealing my stiff member. "Is it okay?", I asked, as she appraised my package. "It's more than okay, it's perfect." She threw the covers back, and knelt before me on the carpet. "Does this feel good?", she asked, and then she took it into her mouth. I nearly passed out from the sensation! She bobbed, licked, sucked my erection until I stopped her. "I'm gonna cum if you don't stop" That threw her into overdrive, increasing her speed until that flash of light went off in my brain, my legs went rubbery, and an incredible amount of jism erupted from my swollen cock. She took the first spasm, then pulled it out of her mouth to let the rest splash on her chest. "How was it?" she asked. "I think you know!" I handed her a towel, and as she cleaned up, she said, "it's your turn." She laid back down on the bed, rolled onto her back, and spread her legs for me. "What do I do?", I asked her. "I want you to lick me here", pointing to her mound. I went between her legs, licking and kissing her inner thighs. Her slit was moist, and aromatic with sexual energy. As I made my way to her petal lips, she said, "just start licking, I'll tell you where to stop." I licked from bottom to top, and reaching the top, she stopped me there. "Yes, lick there, keep licking there!" I licked her clit for what seemed hours before she arched her back, and let out a low groan, then she convulsed, clamping my head between her thighs. I was only along for the ride at this time. When she finally finished, she had pulled the sheets from the mattress, knocked over the lamp on the nightstand, and detached the headboard from the bed. "That was okay?", I asked. "Oh, yes, more than okay!" "Did it hurt?" "No, not at all, it was really good."
We laid there enjoying the afterglow until we both fell asleep. Not knowing what time it was, I felt her get up, and go into the bathroom. I dozed off for a few minutes, only to be awakened by her gently sucking my cock back hard. My hips involuntarily thrust to her mouth, relishing the satiny feel of her mouth. She then straddled my cock, and in one fluid movement, impaled herself, resting on my tingling testes. Sliding up and down, she placed my hands on her breasts, and then increased her pace. That familiar feeling was rising up, and I mentioned that she better stop before I cum in her. That caused her to pick up the pace even more. I held back as long as I could, enjoying the feel of her sex, until I couldn't stand it any longer. A lightning bolt flashed through my skull, and my cock spewed copious amounts of semen into her. I passed out from the multiple sensations invading my body, falling asleep immediately. She laid down next to me, and I assume she slept for a while, but she was gone the next morning.
I awakened at my usual time, farting and scratching as usual. Went to the bathroom to do my daily constitution, and what do I see, written on the bathroom mirror in lipstick?

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