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When I Was 18

When I was 18

By - Apr 2, 2008 - From first-time. First time sex story - Views - 61869 Chapter One
My name is John. I was 18 years old and was staying with my aunt for the summer. My aunt had to go away for the weekend and, on Friday evening, left me in the care of Julie, a 18 year old neighbor girl. She told me that Julie would be in charge and that I would be in big trouble if I didn’t behave and do exactly as Julie told me to.
Nine p.m., Friday night came and Julie said it was time for me to get ready for bed. I said Ok and started for my room. Julie said first I was to take a shower, something I was sure I could avoid since my aunt was gone. I didn’t understand why women always think guys need showers every day. Julie seemed nervous as she mentioned that I was to shower. I went into the bathroom and started to close the door with the idea that I would run the shower without getting in and avoid bathing without her knowing it. As I shut the door, Julie put her hand out and stopped the door from shutting. I looked at her and she said that she had to make sure I bathed. (Un-be-knowest to me my aunt had told Julie that part of her responsibility would be to supervise my evening bathing and insure that I washed my whole body, private parts included.) I told her I am old enough to take a shower on my own and we argued. I said I would take my shower and afterwards, she could check the shower and the towel to insure they were wet. She said that wouldn’t do. That she was ordered by my aunt to supervise my bathing.
I couldn’t believe it! She’s 18 and I was almost 19! I’m actually bigger than she is! I asked her, “Do you think you are going to be here in the bathroom while I take a shower? Embarrassed, she said she had to as that was her orders from my aunt. I was incredulous…. This can’t be! However, she entered the bathroom right behind me and turned the shower on. I just stood there looking at her in shock and embarrassment. I had never been naked in front of another women other than my mother (and that was much earlier in my life) and I wasn’t about to do so now. Why would my aunt do such a thing, I wondered? I felt extremely embarrassed, especially since Julie was very pretty and not that much older than me. Julie said I needed to get in the shower. I said she would have to leave, but she said she couldn’t and wouldn’t. I said, “You don’t expect me to take my clothes off while you’re in the room.” She said that was her orders.
I told her I wouldn’t and she told me she would report it to my aunt. I knew if she did I would be grounded and in big trouble. I tried to talk her out of it. I told her I wouldn’t tell if she didn’t. She nervously said I had to get undressed now and I better get started before the water turned cold. So, I asked her to turn her back and she did. I began to undress and I got down to my jockie shorts. I got into the shower with my jockies on and Julie turned around. She saw that I was still in my shorts. She told me that her orders were to insure that my private parts were clean so I must take off my underwear.
I felt extremely embarrassed especially since Julie kept moving her eyes to my jockies. She nervously repeated, take your underpants off now! Her face was turning red. Not only did I feel embarrassed, but, I also began to feel strangely excited and my penis began to swell. My embarrassment increased partly because my penis was already a source of embarrassment for me. I knew it was much bigger than other boys my age. That fact became apparent in gym class. Some of the other boys teased me about how long my penis was. They called me donkey dick. What if Julie teased me? How embarrassing and humiliating. Again, she said take your underwear off and wash or I’ll tell your aunt. I could tell that she was very nervous but was trying to project authority. So, I started to take them down. As I did my penis began to swell even larger and stand straight out and my shorts got caught on it. Julie seemed embarrassed and, at the same time, she kept looking at it as if fascinated. I could tell she was breathing faster. Before I got them clear off, I turned around so she wouldn’t see.
Just at the moment the door bell rang. To my relief, Julie ran out of the bathroom to answer the door. Now I’ll take my shower quick and get out. I took my shorts all the way off. As I did I could overhear Julie talking nervously to one of her girlfriends, who was at the door. Her girl friend’s name was Wendy. It sounded as if Julie had called Wendy earlier hoping for some advice with this babysitting job. I stopped and listened. Julie was telling her about how she was required to supervise my shower. She said that this was her first time doing something like that and was feeling very uncom comfortable about being in the bathroom with me naked. She said she had only seen infant boys naked before and was shocked at what an older boy looked like. She said that I had such a big one and that it got noticeably bigger while she watched.
Wendy said, “Really!” She told Julie that she had had experience baby sitting boys and would be willing to help. No way! I thought to myself. But, I could hear relief in Julie’s voice as she agreed. Then they both girls burst into the bathroom. Even more embarrassed, I pulled the shower curtain closed. Julie pulled it back and warned me that she would report to my aunt how I was not complying.
When the curtain opened, I immediately turned my back to them and tried to cover my stiff penis and balls with my hands. Julie told her friend about her instructions were to insure that I washed my whole body….and she nervously explained that my aunt had told her to insure that my privates would get washed. Her friend approached me in the shower and told me to turn around. Even more embarrassed, I refused. Wendy, took hold of my arms, puling my hands away from my genitals and turned me around so that I was fully facing them, erection and all.
Wendy went wide eyed and gasped as she stared at my erecton..and then giggled and looked at Julie who smiled nervously. They then told me to start washing. I did as I was told hoping to get this ordeal over with. Noticing that they were continuing to stare at my erect penis and exchange giggly, nervous looks with each other. I finished washing my hair and the rest of my body except my crotch. Julie said that it was time for me to wash my privates. I said no…not with them watching, but she said I had to.
Wendy said to Julie; “ I’ve washed boys before….should I wash him?” Julie said “Yes!” with much relief…. So, Wendy began to wet her hands and lather them up with some soap…then, she moved close to the tub and reached over for my erect penis. I moved back, but Julie ordered me to hold still. Wendy took the soap and rubbed it all over my crotch area just barely touching my erect penis. She reached under and soaped my balls. She pulled my legs apart and washed the crease between my ball sack and my legs. She used her bare hands to rub the lather in. Her wrists and forearm would accidentally rub against my penis and I would jump and feel an intense sensation of pleasure. She ordered me to turn around and bend over. As I did I could feel her hands spreading my buttocks and then, to my shock, she began washing my asshole. After she finished she ordered me to turn around again.
She began to wash my erect penis. She took it in her hands and began to lather and rub the soap in. Looking at Julie, and then at me, she said an erect penis like this is normal for boys my age and that if the right amount of friction were applied, sperm would come out of the end. It was the sperm they had learned about in biology class. Julie said “No way!” and giggled. She seemed to be losing some of her embarrassment and it was being replaced by an increased fascination with what Wendy was doing. She moved closer.
She nervously told Wendy that she should probably assist with the washing as it was really her responsibility. She asked Wendy for the soap. Julie took the soap and began to re-wash my penis and my balls. She started very tentatively with her finger tips and then began rubbing the soap in with her hand applying increased pressure gripping my penis and rubbing up and down. She gripped so tight that the skin began to move and would go over the head. Every time she pulled the skin back from the head she would hesitate and then rub the head with her other hand as if it needed massaging. It created the most intense feeling I’d ever experienced. It was driving me crazy just watching them stare at my crotch and work so hard at washing my penis. I felt partly embarrassed, partly fascinated, scared and highly excited, all at the same time. It was the most extraordinary experience of my life.
As she rubbed, she kept alternating her gaze between my penis, my eyes, and Julie as if she were fascinated by my reaction. By this time my penis was throbbing… and, the level of sensation was more intense than I thought I could stand. Wendy seemed to be aware and fascinated by what was happening to me. She said to Julie, that I was almost to the point where sperm would come out. As I had never ejaculated while awake up to this point in my life I didn’t exactly understand what she was talking about although I had heard about it. All I knew was that the sensation was becoming intolerably pleasurable and somewhat painful at the same time. And, even though my embarrassment was increasing, so was an extraordinary feeling of intense and overwhelming pleasure.
Wendy and Julie looked at each other…”He likes it” they giggled. Wendy said, “Our shirts are getting wet, let’s take them off.” Much to my amazement they lifted up their shirts from the bottom and brought them over their heads. I couldn’t believe it. I’d only dreamed about what a girl’s chest looked like uncovered. Julie had a white bra on but Wendy was bare chested. The sight of her small breasts took my breath away. They looked at me and smiled at my astonishment and my obvious excitement. I was breathless. As Wendy moved closer to resume rubbing soap on my penis she took my hand and placed it palm first on her breast. At the instant I felt her stiff nipple impressed on the palm of my hand an extraordinary thing happened. It seemed that my whole body exploded with the most intense pleasure I had ever experienced and it all got focused on my penis. My penis spasmed over and over again in waves of intense pleasure and release while my balls ached with each spasm. I almost collapsed, the feeling was so intense. White viscous liquid shot out and hit Wendy on the chest. She was shocked and surprised. I almost collapsed.
“See .” said Wendy. Julie was stunned and breathing very hard. Julie said, “ I am feeling so strange…so wet between my legs and so warm I can’t stand it.” “Me too, ” Wendy said, “Lets go out in the other room.” She turned to me and said, “Finish your shower and put a towel around your waist when your dried off and we will finish getting you to bed.”
By this time I was no longer reluctant. I wondered what could ever top this. My penis was still hard and throbbing. I thought it would never go down again. Julie and Wendy left the room. I continued to visualize what happened when I felt her breast. I looked at the cum that was still dripping from my penis. Wow, that’s something I’ll want to experience again and again…and as soon as possible. It was incredible and as I thought about it the intense pleasure and excitement began to build again. I rinsed off, got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist. It looked very funny as my erection protruded like a tent pole.
I went out of the bathroom. I could hear Wendy and Julie talking quietly and giggling, their voices coming out of my room so I went there. As I entered the room Wendy had removed her jeans and now was standing there in just her pink panties. My stomach took a flip flop with excitement and fear. I had always been told that it was sin to look at girls undressed. Julie was just unsnapping the waist of her shorts but stopped as I entered. Wendy ordered me to come over to them and told Julie to go ahead and take off her shorts. She did and she was wearing white cotton panties with little butterflies on them.
As I approached Wendy she grabbed the towel and stripped it off me. There I was again with these to girls staring at my erect penis. And, again, my breath started to come fast and that intense sense of excitement was building.
Then Wendy said to me, “It’s your turn to do something. I want you to remove Julie’s panties and do it right now!” I hesitated. She pushed me over in front of Julie and made me get on my knees with my face just inches away from Julie’s panties. “Now remove her panties this instant!” she said. And, I new she was really getting into ordering me around. And, I was surprised at how much that excited me.
With my hands shaking like never before I reached over curled my fingers inside of the waistline of Julie’s little white panties just in front of her hips. I had seen a few old pictures of a naked woman and remember the hairy patch between the woman’s legs. Was that what Julie was going to look like. “Pull them down right now!” said Wendy. And, I did. I slowly began to inch them down. I saw the lower part of her abdomen curve in and then start to curve back out as it narrowed between her hips. I got them just about to her crotch and they were caught between her closed legs. I was so excited and shaking that I had to stop. Julie had little wisps of hair that grew on top of the most exciting little mound. I pulled them further down. Centered at the bottom of the mound was the beginning of what appeared to be a crevice that disappeared between her legs. “Take them all the way off!” ordered Wendy. I shakely pulled them down as Julie relaxed her legs and let them open a bit. Julie lifted one foot and then the other so I could remove them. As she lifted her leg I could see the crevice between her legs. This is what a pussy was. I was enthralled and my penis was pulsating.
“Have you ever seen a naked girl’s pussy before?” asked Wendy. And, I said “No.” Well, she said, “That’s what your staring at and, it’s about time you found out about girls.…. Now take my panties off, too.” She moved in front of me as I continued to be on my knees. “Go ahead.” She ordered, and I reached for her waistline and pulled her panties down to her feet. As she lifted one of her feet she spread her legs much wider than Julie and I could see where her pussy ended between her legs. I could see the folds of what looked like lips. “Touch it” she said. “What?” I asked. “Touch it” she said, but not to hard. I did. It felt soft and warm and I could see and feel some moisture as I felt between the lips. She said “Rub your finger softly up and down between the lips.” It was wet…Was she peeing I wondered? I asked her, “ Do you like this? I though girls didn’t want boys to do stuff like this.” She laughed. Julie asked Wendy, “Does it feel good?” And Wendy, breathing hard, said; “It’s incredible. Touch your own pussy and see how it feels.” Julie did and her eyes kind of rolled back in her head for a moment. Wendy said: “Let’s masturbate…. Girls rub their clits and she pointed it out as a little knob like protrusion kind of hidden in the top of her pussy lips. Julie said, I know, I tried it a little once before.
Just then the downstairs doorbell rang. Julie said “Oh, Oh, it’s my mom checking on how I’m doing?” She doesn’t know old John is and what my instructions were.” Julie said: “John, you get in bed and stay there!”
Then the two girls hurriedly got dressed and went down stairs. Julie’s mom stayed and I eventually fell asleep. That was the beginning of my most memorable summer as a youth.

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