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Widowed And Sex With A Construction Worker

Widowed and Sex with a Construction Worker

By Angie and new husband - Apr 29, 2009 36601 I was widowed at 24 and no children. A drunk illegal Mexican ran a traffic light and hit my husband’s car broad side. Lou was killed instantly in the crash. He never knew what happened, which is good I guess. The Mexican ran and got away. Witnesses told the police where he went and he was caught. Lou didn’t ask to be killed. They didn’t do anything to the damn driver; they just sent his ass back to Mexico. I was so pissed.
Lou bought our house with out me knowing about it for a wedding gift. The house was ok, but I didn’t like the floor plan or the kitchen. Who ever heard of a kitchen near the front of the house? but It was our first house. I had a hard time staying there for a long time after Lou’s death. My body remained untouched by a male, two years or so. I have some toys & masturbated, but no sex with any one. I did however keep my pussy trimmed close.
I put the house on the market to sell it. The selling realtor told me the house would be better by re-modeling it. She said she knew of a good contractor that was working in the area. She asked me if I would consider a remodel instead of selling, she said it would be worth more after it was com complete. “Yeah I guess so” I replied. “Great” she said. I’ll call him and ask him to meet with you”
This 50ish man came the next day. “Hi there mam. Are you Mrs. Tanner? Sue contacted me about you wanting a possible remodel of your house. I took him on a walk around the house, inside and out. I told him what I didn’t like. He was taking notes and measurements all the while He said that he would have some suggestions in a few days. He said that would also give a time to think if I wanted him to go through with it. To make this shorter, the contractor & I came up with an agreement of the changes. I made a construction loan at my bank & permits were gotten. He said he could start on Thursday the next week. I spent the next few days moving stuff out of his way.
Frank showed up on Thursday morning. “Hi Angie, Good morning. I thought I would start in the kitchen if that’s ok” “Sure” I said. I have to go to work, so just lock up when you’re do. Ok? He called me several time that day telling me about what he’d found. “Angie, I found some rodent poop behind the toe kick at the sink. We didn’t see any live bodies though” “We? Aren’t you working by yourself” Oh no, Clint is an employee” Oh. I left it at that” I had gotten home about 5pm. every one was gone and the kitchen was a mess. The wall cabinets were gone, down to the bare walls. I thought it was just part of the remodel.
I went over to my girlfriend’s house and had dinner and some small talk and went back home. I showered & went to bed. The next morning I got up for work and walked into the kitchen. “Holy Damn” There was this guy under my sink. All I could see was his waist to his feet. He was wearing a pair of cut off jeans. He had the largest bulge in his crouch I had ever seen. His pile was nearly as big as his took belt. The head of his dick was peeking out from his denim shorts. My loins moistened as I watched this guy working on something under my sink. I stood there a few moments. I walked out to gather myself. (This guy wasn’t wearing any underwear)
I made some noise so he would hear me coming. He pulled his head and shoulders out from under the sink, “Oh hi Mrs. Tanner. We never met. I’m Clint. He said” Frank said he wanted to get this cabinet out for he before he gets here. I got started an hour ago. I hope I didn’t wake you” Clint had light sandy red hair, deep blue eyes and a long handlebar mustache. He was about 30ish.
I said, “Oh no, I was up for work anyway” Do you always start your work this early” While Clint answered my questions I kept staring at his bulge. It had been along time since Lou’s funeral. I was totally taken in by his package. I could feel moisture building again as my nipples hardened under my thin nightgown. Clint noticed that my nipples were hard also. He tried not to stare. He had a slight grin but I could tell what he was thinking.
He took his cap off and tried to cover his view of my nipples and said, “Oh Mrs. Tanner you are going to have to cover those up. I’ll never get this sink cabinet out” “Oh, excuse me” I said. I’ll go put some clothes on” As I turned to walk away I noticed I had had an effect on him. His cock was hanging out about 3” below the hem of his shorts. I also noticed that he was not wearing any rings and no tan lines.
I thought to myself. How much more was behind his cut off pants? I went upstairs and splashed cold water on my face to cool down a bit. I wiped the female moisture from my cooche & got dressed. I went back into the kitchen to say goodbye. Clint was gone. His tool belt was there, but he wasn’t. I left to go to work.
I thought about Clint all day and what I had seen earlier. My day was done at 5pm. I drove back home not know what I would find. Walking into the utility room & in the kitchen, or where the kitchen was. The room had nothing in it. All wall cabinets, floor counters gone. It was just an empty room. My voice would eco due to the emptiness. The room was clean & tools were against the wall on sawhorses.
I called out for home delivery pizza for dinner & took ah quick shower and put on my bathrobe. “Ding Dong at the door” The voice said. Your Pizza Mam. I opened the door, it was Clint delivering pizza. “What the hell are you doing moonlighting Clint, ” I asked. Yeah it pays the bills mam. “Stop calling me mam! It’s Mrs. Tanner Ok? Well you can call me Angie” “I have your pizza mam, oops Angie, sorry” I reached down to get my purse from the floor to pay him & my bathrobe fell open. Clint got an eye full of my nakedness from my boobs to my man-less pussy.
“Oh My Angie. That there looks so lovely. If I weren’t working for you I’d jump your sexy bones right here! Angie you are the sexiest woman I’ve ever met” I didn’t know what to say to Clint. My husband, Lou never said things like that to me. My slit instantly moistened. I felt my nipples emerge. “Clint I could say the same for you. I saw you under my sink the other day and your stuff hanging out & I liked what I seen”
“Angie, I am not supposed to get emotionally involved or attracted to Franks customers. You are the loveliest, sexiest woman on the planet” “Clint I am attracted to you as well so what are we going to do?” He set his pizza on the ladder. He started kissing me having lifted my robe off to the side. He kissed and bit my neck at first, and then moving down to my hard nipples, suckling and biting them. Moving down Clint opened my robe and pressed his lips against my wet clit. I almost passed out only managing to lean on his ladder knocking the pizza to the floor. Clint removed my robe com completely letting it drop to the floor. He slowly moved his way up kissing and biting me. Clint tenderly started rubbing his beautiful hard member against my pussy lips. I knew I was about to fuck this guy.
I dropped to my knees and licked his massive dick and gradually swallowed his manhood. The blood vessels in his cock were the size of a pencil. I was swallowing as I jacked and sucked him off. Clint fucked my face with smooth deep strokes until he yelled. “Angie, Damn lady suck my dick and help me get off” Soon felt the taste of his man cum shooting in my throat. This was the first time in 2 years I had real man meat in my throat. Gawd! I was so horny. I hadn’t forgotten how to swallow male goop. Each stroke he painted my throat with his cum. I stood up with his seed all over my chin. I grabbed Clint’s hand and led my to my bedroom.
“Is there any more cum in those balls” I asked him. “Angie, You will have to see for yourself” He replied. I sat on my bed. I took his semi stiff dick back to my mouth and sucked him to another full erection. Clint raised my legs over his shoulders and placed his cock at my coochie. Clint drummed his dick over my clit several times to tease me. Sending me into pure sexual lust. I moved my hips to meet his advances. My husband, Lou had a good-sized cock, but nothing like this. Clint he started with short strokes, each time a little further in my pussy. I was feeling so full and Clint hadn’t bottomed out yet. Speed increased as depth followed. Soon I had his full eight + inches deep in my love cannel.
Clint pounded me hard fast for the longest time. Almost pulling his cock out & driving deep into my sloppy wetness. I rode his every stroke with ah vengeance. I felt my insides tighten nearing a major explosive orgasm. He continued his assault on my body. I heard him take a deep breath. He plunged to the deepest part of my womb. Clint started thrusting hard and deep. I felt each one as he began to pulsate deep inside me. Spurt after spurt he emptied his balls one more time. His splashing my insides triggered my orgasm and we went up and came down together in ball of sweat and cum. We lay there spooning and cuddling trying to regain our composure. We dozed off for a bit.
I got up to shower again. Minutes later Clint joined me. He washed my back, butt, and legs. I turned around. That was the wrong thing to do. Clint started to play again. My pussy lips were still engorged with blood. It didn’t take long before we were engaged in sex. He raised my right leg and took me again. His dick was so amazing; it was still up and flexing. I pumped it a few times and place his head at my entrance. And! Wow he went all the way home. Clint began with slow penetrations while pinching my nipples. Gradually increased speed as I fucked him back. In this position he was hitting my g-spot and in no time I was squirting my lady cum all over us. This fantastic orgasm left me weak in the knees.
I moved my leg down and turned around. I bent over to give him access, Clint new what I was suggesting. He inserted his cock and went to fucking my coochie with slow deep strokes pausing at my womb trying to get in my cervix. I was holding on to the shower door and the faucets soon I was backing up against him as we had sex again. I couldn’t think of being engaged in sex with a construction worker that I had just met the day before, but it happened.
Petting and kissing as Clint & I finished our shower. We dried each other off. “Clint” I said, “What are we going to do now about working on my house? This is going to be hard to focus on it” He said, “Angie, Frank will be here also. We can get this remodel done just fine”
My house took about 5 weeks to get a com complete makeover and it looked marvelous. The construction loan was paid. During this time Clint and I managed to screw each other many times like a couple over sexed teenagers. Frank never knew about our relationship.
After Frank and Clint were done. I was alone again after five weeks. Clint called me a few months later, we dated a while, and fucked ah bunch. It turns that Clint was divorced. I was widowed and also pregnant. I told Clint about the situation. He was so happy about the baby coming. Clint moved in my house and we were married shortly after.

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