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Jon Tevlin Article

Whos The Boss Now

Who's the Boss Now?

By Joe Long - Jan 20, 2010 - From incest_taboo. Incest and Taboo - Views - 145859 Mom died last year, my senior year of high school. Since then, it had been just my Dad and I sharing the house. He was never much of a drinker, but the last couple months had been going out to the club on Friday nights, a few times not coming back until the wee hours. I figured it normal that the old man would be getting horny by now. He was 48, and still in pretty good shape, so I figured it wasn't too terribly hard for him to pick up someone for a night.
So it surprised me one day when he asked me about my cousin Samantha. Three years younger than me, she lived down in town with her her Mom and sister. Dad would drop me off at her house a couple times a month when I wanted to go hang out with them and check out the guys down at the basketball court. I had noticed Dad staring at her ass when he thought no one was looking, but I never expected him to ask me to help set them up together. I'm not sure why, but I decided to go along with it. Sam was such a slut anyway, she had been fucking anything or anybody since she was 12, and already had three abortions. So I asked her if she wanted to spend the night at our house the next Friday.
Dad and I picked her up about 6 and went back to our house. He cooked some burgers on the grill, and got a case of Bud that he shared with both of us. Cleaning up after dinner, I was carrying the dirty dishes into the kitchen when I was shocked into an abrupt stop at the sight of Dad standing behind Sam, rubbing his crotch against her ass while reaching around to squeeze her tits through her t-shirt. "Oh wow, that wasn't what I expected to see. Why don't I just go upstairs and leave you two alone!"
I decided to shower, turned it up hot and just let the water run over me for about ten minutes, with a few mental images of what might be going on downstairs between my father and my cousin. Once done, I wrapped one towel around my head and another bigger one around my body, from my breasts to just below my butt, and headed to my bedroom. I was startled by a light knock, and turned to see Samantha in my doorway. She had on her t-shirt, and it didn't look like anything else. "Where's Dad?" I asked. "Recovering from the best blow job of his life. You know, it takes those old guys longer to get it back up." Then she said, "Blowing him got me so horny, it made me think of how long it's been since we've been together." Sam was the only girl I ever made out with, but it had been a couple years. She came over, pulled off my towel, and started flicking her tongue over my nipples. I really didn't want to kiss her, as I figured her mouth was still pretty well coated with Dad's cum. She worked her way down my belly, and leaned me back on my bed, my legs hanging over the end. I parted my legs wide as she buried her face into my pussy. After awhile I closed my eyes as I started to squirm and moan. Opening them I got another shock. Now Dad was standing in the door, stark naked, slowly stroking his hard cock while he watched my cousin Samantha eat me out. I didn't really do anything, I just stared at him, then at his cock, while grinding my hips into her face.
Dad then walked towards us, positioning himself behind Sam. He pushed her t-shirt over her behind, and pulled up on her waist until her ass was at cock level. He slid himself into her pussy, then started thrusting faster while his hips made a slapping sound against her ass cheeks, all while she kept sucking on my cunt. Dad and I just stared in each other's eyes with Sam's body between us. Finally I broke the gaze and closed my eyes again, engulfed in the sensation of her tongue on my clit. Before I could process what had happened, Samantha rolled out of the way, Dad stepped up and he was in me. Just buried his cock all the way into my wet pussy with one stroke. I started to cry and said "Dad, what are you doing?", but he just stared down as he pounded himself in and out of me. I felt so betrayed. He had involved me in a conspiracy for him to fuck Sam, which happened, but now I wondered if they had turned the plot around against me. It pissed me off that he just took me like this. Sure he was watching me have sex with my cousin, but he never asked if I wanted to have sex with him, he was my freaking Dad after all. It didn't take long for him to slow and then stiffen, and I felt him blow his load inside me. Christ, just what I needed, for my Dad to get me pregnant too. He pulled out, cum dripping from his softening cock. I just yelled at both of them to get out and leave me alone.
I heard his bedroom door close as I pulled myself up on my bed and curled into a fetal position, still naked and trembling from what had just happened. I can't say it didn't feel good, but why did he do it that way. Tears on my cheeks, I dozed off. An hour or so later I woke up to the sound of Dad's headboard banging against the wall. Fuck, this was the third time for him tonight. Young pussy must really get him up. I thought about how Sam was going to be leading him around by his cock. She did that last year with some guy in his 30's, pussy whipping him into buying her all sorts of shit. It was then I realized that my hand was slowly rubbing my clit to the rhythm of their fucking in the next room. You know, why should that little bitch get my Daddy's money, I'm the one who deserves it, especially after what he just did to me. And she lives down in town, while I am here under the same roof. What the fuck, why not let the old man between my legs a couple times a week, as long I can use it to get what I want. If he starts to bitch, I'll just ask what my aunt would think about him banging her little girl. By now I was rubbing a lot harder, and I squeezed my hand with my thighs as I came.
It's a plan. I'll show him who's boss.

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