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Varieties of performance parts from dougherbert

Varieties of performance parts from dougherbert

Car racing is a very interesting and exciting thing to watch. Many of us like to watch car racing events. In fact it's the favorite past time of some television viewers. It's really exciting to watch those sleek cars gliding through the racing tracks. Speeds as high as 200 km/h to 250 km/h, unmatched techniques and high skill can create winners. Many of us also aspire to become a racing car driver. Knowing exactly how racing cars work can actually help lot of us in driving those cars properly. If we know the importance of the car parts then only we will be able to appreciate their functions and their role in ensuring that the car moves properly. This will make you interested in pursuing the career of a car racer. Let us talk about a part called spring height micrometer. Spring height micrometer is the quickest, easiest and the most accurate method to measure the installed heights of valve springs, in case of dougherbert performance parts. These parts can be installed, just like a valve spring.then the tool is expanded to make it get the fully seated valve locks. Thenes Stud Mount Valve Springpressor Conversion Kit.This tool greatly simplifies valve spring changing. Unlike other models moroso's stud mount tool fits both 3/8" or 7/16".Next in the list is valve springpressor.Between rounds valve spring changing is required sometimes this tool make it easier to change valve springs. Moroso's model is much stronger than the parts supplied by other suppliers. It is stronger in the handle area so it can withstand the extreme high pressure of today's springs. It's a 12 inches handle which gives this part the leverage to handle the strongest springs. The extreme series valve spring, double spring w/Damper. Lunati extreme series springs are made using super clean wire. There are some extra features which includes post coil processing and camphoring. These springs offer extreme fatigue life. Ultra series valve spring is the spring next on the list; they are manufactured using the latest cutting edge manufacturing process. Next is the chrome silicon valve spring.The introductory series of Lunati springs are made of chrome and silicon valve spring wire. Then we see K motion valve springs. The current trend in drag racing is to increase the seat pressure.Seat loads are above 300 pound.these springs are specifically designed to with that load. This is one of the most state of art https://dougherbert new-products lauto racing parts. Thenes the tool room 9900 series professional valve spring. This is the world's finest oval track spring.This spring has been test proven for 1000 racing miles. There is almost a zero load loss. It has the maximum endurance is guaranteed. Thenes the endurance plus springs. It features a higher alloy outer spring plus special processing for increased durability. This is tested for 850 racing miles. Thenes the chrome silicon valve springs. At isky racing cams, valve springs cover all applications from street to all outpetition; it has single dual and multicoil designs. This part is also a very interesting and high performance parts. For more info dougherbert dougherbert
dougherbert is a leading dougherbert car racing partspany.which provides racing car parts.For more information on car racing partspany please contact us at: dougherbert dougherbert

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