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What is Love

What is Love

What Is Love? I consider myself an expert on love, due to my life experiences. I have loved someone or many ones all my many years of living. I have been in love with the same man for forty-five years. Please remember, love and romance are not always the same. Those who love romantically, will often practice a few romantic ideas, but the lack of "romantic" actions does not always mean the lack of love. Also romantic behavior doesn't always mean love. My husband isn't a "romantic, " as such, yet he shows in many ways how much he loves me. He brings me roses for no reason except he loves me, this man who doesn't believe in giving flowers. He awakens to rub my leg when a cat jumps on the bed and lands on my already-aching calf. He forces himself to go with me somewhere even though he doesn't want to go. He, who doesn't like the idea of giving Christmas gifts, makes arrangements for me to receive a lovely winter cape for Christmas (even if it didn't arrive in time). So what is love? It's putting the loved one's needs and desires above ourselves. Love is something as mundane as taking the baby's two o'clock feeding so that one's spouse can sleep. It's bringing a bouquet to someone even if we believe flowers are a waste of money. Showing love takes many forms. I wrote and dedicated a series of poems to my husband. All deal with what love is to me; two follow: Song of Love A song of love I hear In the whisper of the wind Ruffling the leaves and sending Them dancing through my dreams. A song of love I see In the bright face of sun-down, Glowing in the golden clouds Mirrored in my mind. A song of love I taste In the sweet drops of rain Sliding down the windowpane, Cleansing doubts from my memory. A song of love I feel In the softness of a touch Reaching into the depths of me, Leaving a part of him. Dreams of Loving Dreaming - When young, my dreams Brought thoughts of happiness, Being a princess with a knight On a black horse, I preferred black, not white, Coming to carry me away Because he fell in love With my beauty. Dreaming. Hoping - When some years passed, Maybe the horse could leave. As long as the handsome knight came, I could still be happy with the results. My knight would come for me alone, The part of me that kept Dreaming of love, Hoping. At last My dream came true. Not actually tall, But he had ridden a black horse. Importantly, he loved me, only me. No one else could capture his heart. He thought me a beauty. Love came to me, At last. Loving - This knight of mine In his tarnished armor Sees me through the eyes of love each day, Never noticing the sags or wrinkles That mar any lasting beauty Which I may still possess. Indeed, we keep Loving. Love is that bond that cannot be broken except by betrayal by the loved one, and if he or she betrays then love was not there on one side of the equation. An elderly woman told me before my wedding day, "When the time comes when you think you no longer love him, keeping acting and reacting as if you do. You'll be surprised how quickly love does return, for it was just hiding for a bit." Now I'm that elderly woman, and I understand exactly what she meant.
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