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Protecting Your Hunting Cameras in the Wild

Protecting Your Hunting Cameras in the Wild

Trail or hunting cameras have become an important ally of both hunters and wildlife photographers mainly because of its ability to capture images and gather information without having to disturb the target. While seasoned hunters or nature photographers may not have any problems in handling and placing their cameras in the wild, newbies on the other hand sometimes tend to get careless. This can result to either damage or total loss of the equipment, both of which are unacceptable. To help you better protect your trail camera, below you'll find some useful tips. The very first thing that you'll want to do would be to canvass your target area and determine the most effective spot where the camera will be placed. While a trail camera with a tripod can indeed give you great vantage points on your target, there will be times that using them won't be recommended. Be sure to scout the area properly to determine the exact spot where you can get great shots without having to expose your camera to any danger. For flash hunting camera users, its best that you secure the equipment to a tree trunk with a chain or metal cable. The reason for this is quite obvious enough - you don't want it to get stolen. This rule should also be applied to infrared owners but it is especially crucial to flash cams since they're much more likely to be spotted especially when taking pictures at night. There are specifically designed chains and metal cables that will allow for easy securing of the camera on trees so make sure you purchase one as well. After you've secured the camera, wipe it thoroughly with a scent-cleaning agent to remove all traces of human handling as this can discourage or scare away your targets. Once done. Place it inside a specifically designed camera cage to prevent animals from crushing or scratching it accidentally. Lastly, you'll want to cover it just enough so that it is obscured from common sight. This will further guarantee that your camera will not get stolen by anyone. Just make sure that none of your camouflage is in the way of the camera lens or the flash for that matter. Once everything has been set-up, remove any signs of your activity by wiping the ground with branch brush then throw it at least 50 feet away from the camera. Protecting your investment is the main issue and while cleaning the camera after every scouting instance will come standard, knowing how to protect it from various elements on-site will help greatly. Remember the tips above and your camera in turn, will surely be able to pay back the value that you give it.
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