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Must-Have Checklist: Choosing a Web Cam

Must-Have Checklist: Choosing a Web Cam

Tuning in to view and chat with a friend, relative or client across the miles is just plain cool. Web cams bring this capability to most computers with ease - usually as simple as plug and play. With broadband Internet they can produce television-quality video and audio, and are used for many interactive purposes, including: - Videoconferencing for meetings - Working on projects while sharing software on a participant's computer - Browsing the Internet or shopping online together - Helping with homework - Sharing files and pictures - Playing games against one another over the Web - Remote monitoring (e.g. babysitter cams, security cams, locations-of-interest cams or weather cams) - Providing technical support - Recording videos for posting on websites or podcasting Free instant messaging software such as Yahoo! Instant Messenger, AOL IM, Microsoft Messenger and Skype can be installed on your computer to make many of the features listed above easy to use. Features of Web Cams A web cam typically plugs into your computer with a USB cable, and may require included software to install drivers. It should be positioned so that your face can be viewed clearly by others. The camera viewing range and quality of image are determined by these features: Resolution - The higher the resolution, the sharper the picture. A resolution of 640 x 480 is usually sufficient for good quality. Sensor - The quality of the sensor used by the camera has a lot of input into resulting image. Low-light Sensitivity - Images can appear dark if a web cam does not handle low-light situations well. PTZ - Pan / Tilt / Zoom can be used to change the view of the camera. Some web cams can move in order to take in a wider viewing area. Field of Vision - This is the range the web cam can view at any one time, such as 25 degrees. Face Tracking - Some web cams use technology to keep your face or other specified area in the center of the screen during movement. USB 2.0 - A web cam capable of USB 2.0 connectivity, plugged into a computer with true USB 2.0 support, will display a better image. Processor Speed - A faster computer will display video better. Interpolation - With interpolation, the webcam software fills in gaps to enhance the picture. Although product manufacturers will be sure to list this on their packaging, it has no real bearing on image quality. Of course, having a web cam is much more fun if your friends and family have them, too. So, as you buy yourself one, consider buying one for someone else as well.
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