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Edelbrock Carburetor Tuning Article

Plan a Camping Birthday Party By Cheryl Pierce

If you would love to have a birthday event that will be thought of for a long time, then plan a camping birthday party. And, contrary to popular opinion, a camping party is fun for boys AND for girls, and the older kids relish it as well.
Of course, you need to theme your event to accommodate your crowd.
There are numerous different themes that you can do for a camping party. The most popular themes are Military Camp event, Safari Camp event, Summer Camp event and Rocky Mountain party.
If you are hosting a military camp party, you can invite your guests to join you on a "special mission". And of course there are all kinds of ways to decorate with a military theme. Food can be as realistic as you want...although the majority of kids won't be fulfilled with MRE's, but if you can find them, they will really love trying them out. Don't forget to set up an obstacle course. It's just not camp without one!
Older Kids tend to like the Safari Camp party & the Summer Camp event. Both of these themes fare well with scavenger hunts which the older kids always love. The photo opportunities with the Safari Camp party can be fantastic. There are just so many neat ways that you can set up photos for the kids. You can purchase stand up figures like gorillas & tigers and the guests love it.
Naturally the Summer Camp party kind of gives you the opportunity to do all kinds of different things. Since many kids don't get to go to a summer camp they really enjoy finding out about it. You can want a dance, play volleyball or sit around the campfire and eat S'mores. The best scary stories always come from a summer camp event.
Rocky Mountain camp parties are a little more unique. Although you won't decorate quite so much unless you go with a western theme, you'll need the chance to offer some extra activities, like gemstone panning & diamond mining. Even grownups like to pan for gemstones!
Whichever theme you prefer, just use your resourcefulness and a little creativity and your event will be the talk of the town for a long long time!
Find out about other camp themes for your BLANK" kids-party-idea Camping-Birthday-Party-Ideas. Camping Birthday Party. Visit our website for other BLANK" kids-party-idea Kids Party Ideas.
Cheryl_Pierce Cheryl_Pierce

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