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Edelbrock Carburetor Tuning Article

Wife Being Photographed

Wife being Photographed

By Dave - Dec 27, 2009 - From group-sex- stories. Group sex stories - Views - 41592 Susan is 42 a sexy little woman 5'1 slim with 34D breasts and is in 'good nick' for her age.
I had bought myself a good camera and joined a photo club, she had allowed me to take progressively stronger photos of her and they were great.
I admit I showed some to my mates at camera club and they asked if she would pose for them.
I didn't think she would but said I would ask.
I did and to my surprise she agreed but said they must be tasteful and not 'rude'.
The day arrived and I had dressed our bedroom with a large sheet over the bed and appropriate lighting. I knew she was feeling nervous and she had a long bath and a few glasses of wine.
The guys arrived six of the ageing from early thirties to nearly 60, I gave them a drink and we adjourned to the bedroom to set up our gear and await my wife.
She arrived wearing a white blouse black short skirt a white lacy bra which could be seen through the blouse. Black stockings and high heels. She also looked very flushed her cheeks were very red.
She sat on the edge of the bed looking very demure and the guys started snapping away asking her to move this way and that which she did.
Tom asked her to lay back on the bed which she did, as she did so her skirt which was already short rode up and her stocking tops and white suspenders were just visible.
They all seemed to move to that end now taking photos of her legs and stocking tops, I noticed her skirt was higher and her legs slightly more open.
Pete asked if she would open her blouse a little for a glimpse of lacy bra? She looked at me and I nodded OK.
She unbuttoned her blouse half way down and her lovely breasts encased in white lace were on show.
She seemed to becoming more abandoned her skirt ridden up and panties on show I noticed her crotch was damp.
The guys pleaded for her to lose the blouse and skirt and to my surprise she almost ripped them off.
Laid there in her lacy underwear she was SO sexy. The guys were snapping away and I noticed a few bulges in their trousers.
She was laid on her back and slipped the bra straps from her shoulders and you could almost see her nipples which were at the edge of the bra.
Pete moved closer to the bed and started taking several close ups I saw in disbelief his hand reach out and slide into the cup of her bra pulling out her left breast, her nipple was rock hard and I was shocked when instead of complaining she pulled both cups down exposing her full breasts and erect nipples.
I saw the guys having a crafty stroke of their cocks and a few hands were in pockets.
She smiled at me lifted her legs together and slid her panties off threw them on the floor and opened her legs wide exposing her pussy which was very wet.
The guys went wild clicking away, she slid her hand over her breasts pulling her nipples and was more turned on than I had ever seen her. She slid her hand down to her pussy and stroked her lips then sliding two fingers inside. Some guys were still photographing but I noticed both Pete and Tom had pulled their cocks out and were openly wanking.
I couldn't hold on myself and had my cock out and in my hand. It was so erotic. She asked me to pass her her 'Bunny' which I did, she turned it on and slid it into her wet juicy cunt.
All was silent as we watched her fuck herself just for us, she looked at Pete's big hard cock and licked her lips. Pete moved closer to the bed and placed his cock near her mouth, she grabbed for it and sucked the purple head into her mouth.
The guys clothes seemed to be flying off as this was a very clear signal of how things had changed.
Tom a black lad climbed onto the bed and I saw my little prim and proper wife pull out the 'Bunny' and taking his hard cock in her hand slid him into her.
He was fucking her like mad sucking Pete with the rest of us stood around the bed wanking. She was obviously cumming her hips going at ten to the dozen.
I shot my lot all over her tits this started a chain reaction and she was covered in spunk. Tom fired inside her with a great moan and we all relaxed fully spent.
After a short while she jumped up and dashed off to the bathroom locking the door. I thought it had all gone too far and she would leave me but after a short while she re appeared.
She had washed the spunk off and removed her underwear, she laid back on the bed and said "Right I have given you a show now I want FUCKING"
We were hard again and the guys took it in turns to shag her over and over.
It was the best night ever and I am told we are going to do it again.

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