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The Books Behind Methuselah (A Commentary on the Ancient Watchers and the Giants)

The Books Behind Methuselah (A Commentary on the Ancient Watchers and the Giants)

In the Time of Enoch
The son of Enoch, Methuselah, and Enoch had fellowship with God.
The children of the descendants of the Watchers, Giants who ruled the earth, the Grigori (Greek): the Watchers were fallen angels, who took mortal women as wives, and fathered giants, who brought about the Great Food or at least that was one of the reasons. (See Gen. 6, 7, 8).
He, Enoch, pleased God. By faith, and never saw death, and was never found (although there is more to this story, which I'll get to it later on). Consequently, without faith it is impossible to please God. Hence, he ascended to heaven without dying (one of two biblical patriarchs that have done that).
We see in The Book Haggada, Enoch in the Rabbinic Legend, angels came down to earth to take mortal women as wives, as well as in the book of Genesis (Chapter 5 and 6), and in the Pseudepigrapha.
These giants grew to a height of 11, 250 feet, nearly as high as the Empire State Building. And the wicked angels taught their children all sorts of what became referred to as: magic.
Shemhazai (one of the Watchers) lusted after a maiden named Istehar; she tricked him to reveal the Ineffable name of God... (Smart girl), she then used the name to ascend thereby escaping violation by Shemhazai.
God thereafter rewarded Istehar for her piousness and her chastity by commemorating her as the seven-star constellation 'Pleiades'.
On the other side of the coin, there was a woman by the name of Naamah, who it is said, in Jewish literature, seduced the angel Shamdon (a Watcher); in a sexual union. Her offspring was Asmodeus, a demon instead of a giant (a Nephilim). It was she who seduced the angels (or Watchers: so it has been said (and written): they were the victims of her beauty. Accordingly, she became the mother of a number of unknown demons. Perhaps more than a mortal woman-whatever the case, she was the she-whore of the lot, roaming the wild and dark earthly nights to find her pry; a demoness in the first order.
Enoch lived in a cave for many years, avoiding the Nephilim, the wild and wicked children of the Watchers; whereupon, he was instructed by a voice to go tell the Watchers of their fate: and he did.
The Giants who roamed and ruled he earth now, were left with little food, therefore, they ate the people, sucked their blood like vampires. And had wars, and thus, this was one of the causes for the flood, and the vanishing race of giants.
Enoch had visited heaven more than once, Samuil and Raguil (angelic beings) escorted him to heaven. And during those days he wrote-filling 366-books: about everything that happened in heaven and on earth (and in due time, he would be among the leading scribes of heaven).
And with these books, he gave to his sons, prior to the last time he went to heaven, and was transformed into an archangel and his name changed to Metaron.
Thereafter, on earth Methuselah took over as the Ruler of Earth, and is seen as a Great Hero, in the Book of Haggada. Killing thousands of Demons-killing them with his sword with God's named engraved on the blade; and these demon were the offspring of Adam and the She-devil (Lilith)
Lilith: who was the first woman? This remains to be an everlasting question (between Christian and Jewish faiths): was it Eve or was it Lilith?
According to Rabbinic Lecture, it was Lilith, but out of pride she abandoned Adam, and she was transformed into a demon (thus came Eve from his rib, into the picture). ((Reference is made to female demon: see book of Isaiah 34:14, of the Old Testament) (also, you may wish to review the Pseudepigrapha, the books of Enoch and Jubilees)
Uriel ((light of God) (archangel)): a most famous and leading angel of heaven. Enoch passed down to his son Methuselah insights and revelations of Uriel-such as, astronomical information, to include: '...all the stars having there angelic guides (appointed role, as well), ' and allowed Enoch to read "The Book of the Heavenly Tablets" which contains all the deeds of humanity and all the children of the flesh upon the earth for all generations of the world (1 En. 81: 1-3); in consequence, the course of human existence has been predetermined, and recorded, if one is to take this factually.
Sin (with all that has been said above, here is a question that may have come to mind): ' did it infect the world?'
1) First, through contamination between angelic and humans and procreation of the giants.
2) Second, by revealing of heavenly secrets by the Watchers.
(Because before this there was no angelic transgressing, angels were free of evil.)
Part Two
In the Time of Adam
The Burning ones, the Shinning ones, the Nachash, equal the serpents (we see this in a number of books in the Old Testament) (to include 2 Kings Ch. 18, Num. 21, Gen. 3, etc.)) We see Satan in the Garden of Eden, and we see the Serpent, and if he did shine, it was because he was originally of the angelic order, the highest of the order, and we need little explanation: the point being, did he have sexual union with Eve? That created the evil in Cain? And was this the seed that infected the Adam line thereafter, separating the races? If this is the case then the first book of Genesis 3 can be viewed literally, or figuratively. Meaning, a deception took place, a piece of fruit was eaten, and eyes were opened. But how did Cain get his evil disposition?
I would guess, prior to Adam, and outside of this garden of protection from being polluted from the other race, perhaps giants, demon, Satan's followers, for it has been said, there was much evil on the earth during those days. What race was this doing the evil? It wasn't Adam's.
On one hand it doesn't matter what took please really, the world got infected, and not any wiser because man's eyes were opened up to evil, I would have preferred myself, they remained shut and innocent, and go on with the daily walks in paradise while on earth. So if anyone is thanking the serpent for opening their eyes, it's perhaps those decedents that were outside of the garden during Adam's day, or from Cain's breadline-who have sunk so low, there is no longer any mercy left in God store room for them.
If this line of thought is correct-and that is all it is, is a line of thought-then why is it not spelled out in the bible clearer? On the other side of the coin it might say: does it really have to be, what is in the Old and New Testaments is what is needed. A violation of God, or sin, is equal to the Overthrow of God's Throne. Like everything, there are selections to be made, decisions. Either it is God's Kingdom you seek, your own, or the Devil's. I'm not sure if there are anymore.
So Eve was enchanted, taken in by-the deceiver. That is what Nachash is also referred to. A word can mean more than one thing, in any language.
The two-hundred Watchers in the time of Enoch were evidently taken in by a female or females likewise; we kind of see a pattern here, what God creates, Lucifer tries to duplicate. But be that as it may, Eve being bewitched or not, was perhaps the seed that was planted for the Watchers. I mean, Evil was born before Adam, and during Adam's time, and the Watchers helped it along, before the flood, and then it came about again after the flood: how was that?
You see, even the Devil tells you the truth, by deluding its so much that you can't tell what is truth and untruth, but he puts a morsel of doubt somehow mixed up with all of this, and this morsel, is the lie, which at the end of the day, He will seduce you with.
Part Three
In the Time of Noah
This is not to be taken at face value (but at least thought on), for we are going to look at King Og, said to have lived prior to the Great Flood (thus, by doing this we can make an easier connection); Og, a Giant of his day, who by hanging onto Noah's ark he was saved from the deluge ((we see him in the Old Testament)(and in the Torah; even in the Qur'an)), so there is no question of doubt he existed (perhaps similar to Gilgamesh, who lived 175-years, and sought out Noah for his wisdom into long live, whom was supernatural, and considered of the demonic race). Og, a king of Jerusalem, slain by Joshua, said to have been 3000-years old (disputable); also said to have hidden in a special compartment in Noah's ark.
So the legends are there, and he did exist, and to each legend there is truth, but where? He was to my understanding of the Sumerian race, as was Gilgamesh, even though he ruled a Jewish Kingdom. If we look deep into the Sumerian race, we see it goes back to the beginning of time, perhaps farther than Adam, and those evil doers outside the Garden of Eden, whom were perhaps of that race.
But back to Og, whom was killed at the battle of Edrei, part of Syria. He is also written into the book of Midrah, perhaps the best solution to this story, is rode out the storm on top of the ark that would seem more manageable. Whatever the case, he's had a long history, in what man has called his world.
Part Four
The Lesson
It would seem every time God tries to clean up the world, he at the same time lets in a few flies. Is there a purpose to this? Or is it an accident? Or by natural selection? We don't have to understand everything to realize it is there. Perhaps the tragedy we see on other people is a warning for us to repent (not that the other people were sinners, but nonetheless, it is a clear lesson to look at.)
We can morn for the victims, but what is really more important is to look at ourselves, that is the lesson God is trying most likely to get you to do. On the other side of the coin we can bring up: why does God allow us to live? With your sins you should have perished long ago. I mean, what's in the heart of many, I'm sure if God exposed that, they'd frighten the world cold. In such a case, we perhaps are all guiltier than what we proclaim to our own minds to be-and surely to others (often we live in a box of pretense). We perhaps all deserve Hell's Fire. So here we go again, we are trying to deflect off of us, to look at the other guy, that poor ole soul, that was perhaps a dirty ole soul, who's to say?
And if we look in the New Testament, we will see Jesus will be putting down Evil for a thousand years-when he makes his second return to earth publicly, and I bet, people will complain that they're not allowed to have free will, thus, do evil, or wanting to do evil, or at least have the right to do evil if they want to. You see we want our rights, before our responsibilities. It has always been that way on Planet Earth. If you really love God, Jesus, and you suffer with him, you'll also, be rewarded by him, so stop the belly acing, it's worth the pain (as they say, 'No pain, no gain!"
What we really need to do first, to please God is for all of us to have faith, second, grieve evil. Not complain about it and end up doing nothing, and then doing it yourself. And I see all these folks (personal note), trying to save the bad guys from pain. So silly: cut the root off, and you'll be done with some of the evil. Maybe God is asking: "Why are you allowing evil to grow in your backyard?" And then you want him to clean up the mess; he's not your janitor.
Some people want to know why God allows natural disasters. Perhaps he is not the maker of them, we are, and perhaps he is the maker of some. And perhaps he turns his head, when some of them are made-either by him or us. Maybe he wants attention, or to get our attention. The question then comes up, "Is God Evil?" Do should we look at Job for the answer: I mean he was allowed to suffer was he not? And not for transgressions, but to prove a point; if you look at Job in the Old Testament, the question comes up. And God doesn't tell Job everything-the why's of the issue. But God also tells job: do you know what's in my storm room (in other words: you're not as wise as you think you are). And let's remember what Mark Twain once said: a virtue is not a virtue until tested under fire. How many times have I let God down, and he has not turned his head? Or said anything, uncountable, now how about you? The other element in here is, fee will. If he gets directly in your sunlight, you'll complain I'm sure.
Maybe I have not answered this question, and maybe I don't know the answer, but I know, it's no big thing to me, as long as I got faith, take that away, and I'll start to worry.
No: 591 (1-26-2010)

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