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Bedroom Furniture Article

Exotic Living Room Furniture Leads Eastern Trends in Home Decor

Exotic Living Room Furniture Leads Eastern Trends in Home Decor

It seems that people in the Western Hemisphere have grown tired of the same old furnishings that have decorated homes for decades and instead have turned to exotic living room furniture based on eastern design. Specifically, Moroccan furniture and Spanish modern designs lead the way with fresh new looks for not only living rooms but for every other room in the house as well. Spanish modern furniture is also sometimes known as Mediterranean Style, which features furnishings like wrought iron accessories, sconces, and lamps. Simple furnishings and smooth design lines with colors of yellows, blues, and terra cotta highlight the decor. Moroccan furniture has a different sort of mystique to it and can evoke thoughts of far off exotic palaces, harems, and Bazaars of lands far away. So many people are using exotic living room furniture that is from these types of lands, and its no wonder, either. The luxurious furnishings that are distinctly Moroccan are in high demand on this side of the Prime Meridian. The colors of the Moroccan exotic living room furniture are pretty unique. The deep, rich, jewel like colors of red, blue, black, gold, and some greens are a sharp contrast to many other trendy colors that are used today such as the earth tones and neutrals that are popular. The rugs, throws, window coverings, clothing, cushions, and upholstered furniture usually feature these colors and are especially vivid in embroidered pieces. Something else that is very distinctly Moroccan is the wood that is customarily used ornately in furniture here. The furniture is carved in a detailed fashion and a lot of it is painted, which is unlike many of the western, natural trendy pieces. Not only is the wood painted, but it often will be painted in two or three bright, complimentary colors. Even though there are a lot of pieces that can be used in living rooms and family rooms, there are also items that are made for the dining room, outdoor rooms, and every other type of room. One of the smallest but most popular furnishings that came from Morocco is the ottoman. Even though many people here use them as foot rests, they originated in Morocco as large, low cushions that people used to sit on. The real ottomans that accentuate exotic living room furniture are embroidered in the same bright contrasting colors to make embellishments and designs that many times resemble animals, vines, leaves, and other patterns that we usually dont see too much here from Western style furniture. For more information on nativa-online docs/furniture/ranch/livingroom/sofas exotic living room furniture, please visit our website.

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