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Beaches Live Cameras Article

Summer's Here, Let's Hit the Beach

Summer's Here, Let's Hit the Beach

Summer's here, let's hit the beach. With a camera that is. Whether you're trying to get a shot of that spectacular sand castle your kids just built before the waves wash it away or the sun as it drops into the ocean, beach photography can produce magnificent results. With a few tips, you're beach photographs will be amazing. So grab your camera bag and head out to the nearest beach for some fun in the sun.
First off, there's more to the beach than sand and water. Look for points of interest, they are everywhere. A long stretch of smooth, empty beach with a single set of footprints can make a most impressive photograph. Look for the unique, the impressive. Two children at the water's edge jumping the small waves. A flock of brown pelicans flying just above the ocean's surface. A beautiful starfish nestled in a shallow pool along the jetty. These will make a priceless photo album that your family will treasure for years.
Unless you live in an area where you enjoy stretches of remote beaches, try timing your trips to the beach for your photo sessions when there aren't as many people. Early in the morning or late in the evening. This will allow you to photograph at your leisure without trying to avoid having strangers in your beautiful beach shots. Another benefit to photographing during these times of the day is atmosphere lighting. You avoid the harsh brightness of the sun which can wash out the color of your pictures. If you plan on photographing sunrises or sunsets, remember to pack a tripod in your camera bag.
When taking your beach photo, make sure your horizon is straight and off center. Always follow the rule of thirds. Keep the horizon either in the top or the bottom of the picture, never in the center, it adds interest. Also, make sure there is nothing in the picture you don't want before you snap the shot, such as a careless persons trash left behind on the beach.
Use the beach as a setting for some still life photography. Unique beach items set up in the sand or at the waters edge can make some very interesting images. If something catches your eye, it's worth looking at through your camera. Maybe you're lucky enough to follow a trail of baby turtles making their way to the ocean for the first time. What an addition that would be to your vacation photo album. Use a camera bag you can carry all your camera accessories easily while taking your beach shots.
One of the most convenient camera bags for outdoor photography is the backpack. Choose one that allows you easy access by wearing it on your back and also swinging it around to the front without removing it. One that has plenty of room for not only your camera and lenses, but all your photography and personal accessories as well. A camera bag that is designed to protect that equipment from the elements. Sand, moisture. Suzanne VanDeGrift of has developed this article for M-ROCK, manufacturer of m-rock exceptional quality backpacks that give direct and easy access into both top and bottompartments without removing it.

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