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808 Car Keys Micro Camera Set Time 808 car keys micro-camera is a car key sized mini camera. It can take photo with high resolution 1280*960 and record video with resolution 640*480. Its simple design makes it easily operated, while its smart shape makes it portable with owner.
Many people want to know how to use it to set time for 808 car keys micro-camera. Because some of the instructions in products is error. Then i want to you the correct method of operation.
Actually, it is very easy. Everybody thinks it's like a software, and it needs a driver. But i want to tell you no.
You can create a new txt file by root of the storage TF card and change the file name to "timerset.txt", then open set time file, inside edit year, month, day, hour, minutes and seconds format (eg:20100307125722 y), and save the file before exit time created and modifications completed, when next time you start the machine, the time will be recorded simultaneously. After the txt file saved, now you can try it again and you can find the take photo time correctly.
If you want to get more info, welcome to Car Recorder Monitors or kids spy store.

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