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uninstall Windows Live - How to uninstall Windows Live

uninstall Windows Live - How to uninstall Windows Live

To uninstall Windows Live, what you need to do is closing all its services, deleting each item of the main program one by one and all its registry information. First to shut it down and uninstall the main program. Many software developed by Microsoft itself can easily finds their way to firmly combine with your system, some of them are constantly running every time when you start your computer. This feature is really a hazard for you to totally uninstall Windows Live. If you ticked all the sub-items in installation, then the following items should be found and you need to terminate them all, apart from the annoying Messenger that popps-up every time. You should be able to find them in Control Panel, but first remember to have them com completely disabled, although not all of them are activated all the time. And if you are like me, who does not even know where to find them, let alone shutting them down, but really wants to uninstall Windows Live, you may as well try system Safe Mode, in where None of its program will run unless manually operated. When all the services are down, you may now commence the removal. However, deleting those items from Add/Remove programs does not necessarily give you a com completely uninstall every time, especially when the program is damaged or corrupted. In this case you must find three directories below: C:\Program Files\Windows Live C:\Program Files\Common Files\Windows Live C:\Program Files\Windows Live SkyDrive These are where all the remnant of the program are located and unless you erase them and the relative registry entries, you are not likely to successfully uninstall Windows Live. The problem is these entries are difficult to find and you will properly risk a danger of crashing your PC to use the Registry Editor. I did not want it so I seeked for help. A small application named Registryquick came as my final solution, With the features of Force and Special uninstall method, I was able to fully remove it by showing Registryquick the three directories. The advantage is, no matter what file/directory you indicate to Registryquick, it will < registryquick page/download >scan your computer before deleting the file or directory, "excavating" all associated registry entries and making sure no leftovers escape. This is real helpful and effective when you don't want to mess up with your registry. To find out how RegistryQuick boosts your efficiency when removing corrupted or stubborn software, check helps to registryquick page/download uninstall Windows Live.
uninstall Windows Live - How to uninstall Windows Live

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