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Wife Wasnt Bi But She Is Now

Wife Wasn't Bi, But She Is Now

By Anna (Wife) - Nov 9, 2009 - From erotic- stories-women. Stories for women - Views - 42421 My wife had gotten a new job near where we live. A good job, lot of bennies, pay could be better. Anna had to leave town for extensive training for 4 1/2 weeks. That left me home W/ just me and 2 dogs. Anna called when she arrived at the hotel, leaving name, room number / ext.
She told me that she thought her roommate was Bi or even lesbian by her mannerisms, her short cropped haircut. Louis, Lou she said she liked to be called. Louis was from the east coast.
Anna really didn't like the idea of rooming with a possible lesbian. My wife is totally, TOTALY STRAIGHT. She doesn't even like to watch porn flicks that show women together. That is just the way she is.
During her absence she called & text messages. One night her number cell phone number showed up on mine. (Caller ID) I answered, "Hi baby, what-cha doing" A strange voice returned, Hi, I'm on Anna's phone. She's OK, she going in to shower" She OK I asked again. "Yeah she's fine. I want to you about her. Please call me, she gave me her number & hung up. I called her back on her phone. "Yeah, Louis what’s wrong?" No, nothing is wrong. Don’t know if Anna has told you, but I'm lesbian. I'm frustrated. She's turning me on by parading around our room naked.
She has told me that sex with you is great as that she is totally straight. My question is / would you mind or help me get in her panties? I replied back. “We have talked about us doing a 3some with another woman and us. She wouldn't talk about it very long. I have asked her during sex, "Oh Yeah let's do it. We can talk about it later. I don't know what to tell you. Sure you can if you can get her to indulge in female / female sex" Louis asked me what i do to get her turned on.
"I don't know, wait, I know! She gets twitterpated when I look at her shaved pussy and stick out my tongue, moving my tongue like I was licking her kitty. Another idea, sneak your hand under her blankets while she's asleep and lightly rub her pussy lips until she moans ah little. She'll come around quickly. Slowly slide your fingers in her cunt, not deep until she moans loudly”
OK Bruce, thanks I'll try it. I just love her naked body. I want to taste her, she said. "OK, good luck Louis" No! No, it's Lou!
I wondered all during her training stay of just happened. Anna arrived back home early evening Friday. I picked her up at the airport at 18:20. She came out of the terminal. Anna had a different look about her.
She had a different smile on her face. "What's up" I asked, you look different for some reason. What's going on" She just said, "Oh nothing Bruce, nothing & she smiled again. On the way home she mentioned that she was horny & wanted to fuck when we got home. Hell, I wasn’t going to turn that down.
I continued to pry and find out what had happened. She just smiled and said, I’ll tell you later. Once we were home, I grabbed her luggage. “No! That can wait. She said. I want to shower first and then go fuck” Well, OK I said. Anna headed to the shower. Once she was in there. I went out and got her luggage.
When I came back in she was out and toweling dry. I noticed hickeys all over titties & A big hickey just above her clit. (You talk about a woody) She came back into the bedroom and pushed me down on the bed. She went right for my hard dick. She started lightly moaning sucking me off and licking end to base of my cock slurping it all the way in her throat. She had me busting my nuts in just ah few minutes.
I exploded down her neck just as she deep throated me. She milked my cock of everything it had. It surprised me that I didn’t go soft like normal. She was hot little winch & wasn’t ready to quit. If the truth was known I wasn’t either.
She turned around to 69 with her on top. She continued licking and sucking my cock. Her little smooth pussy was saturated with her moisture. I separated her pussy lips and drove my tongue in the muff sucking on her little nubbin, softly biting it gently sending her into a fuck rage. She started moaning louder as she approached an orgasm. “Oh Gawd Bruce eat my cunt! That Feels So Grand. Fuck me with your tongue Oh F _ _ K Lick her hard. When She Feels Good, I Feel Even Better. Bruce Bite my clit, suck her hard like she did”
Like she did, like she did? I thought to myself something did happen. That made me even harder. My cock swelled more than normal. I whispered, “Tell me about it. what happened” Bucking wildly she screamed again.
Bruce, BRUCE! I am Cumming Fuck me, Fuck Me! She quickly turned and sat up. Anna aimed my cock between her labia and she lowered herself engulfing me com completely. Her cunt didn’t seem quit so tight.
I wondered again (What did happen) “Anna tell all about it while we fuck”
No, I have to cum first huh. Fuck me fast and hard. She rose up and I slammed my dick in her with a vengeance. She was nearing another climax.
I increased the speed of my thrusts. Scream, "FFFUCK ME BABY GIFE ME THAT COCK. OH DANM LOVE MY PUSSY" I started cumming deep within her. She fucked me back with every stroke. Anna's breathing had slowed as mine did. "Bruce. That was what I needed. I haven't cum like that in long time now”
I asked her again to tell me what happened. Anna smiled as she started informing me of what had happened.
”Bruce do you remember back when you told me that you wanted to have a 3some with me and another woman" Yes I do remember and I did and still do.
"Bruce, she said. “I love you and would do nothing to hurt you, but something happened. Don't get pissed and all up set. I had sex with a woman, she continued with detail. Bruce, she said. “I showered & came out in the bedroom. Louis looked at me with lust in her eyes as she licked her lips & winked at me. My pussy moistened quickly. She tongued the air like you do. Louis stepped up to me, kissing my shoulder, neck and told me that I was sexier than anyone she'd known. She said her snatch was wet just lusting after me. She went to kiss me on the mouth, I stepped back ah few steps.
She said. "Anna, you are so lovely with a beautiful body. You turned me on the first day we met. I would love to make love with" I was flabbergasted and didn't know what to do. I needed you there. Louis came closer and put her arms over my shoulder & around my waist, she kissed me tenderly. My sexuality came out. She sucked my tongue into her mouth exploring the void of my mouth. My nipples stood out hard, my pussy twanged because of the moisture building at my thighs. Bruce I felt like I was about to fuck another female. Louis is so sexy. I kissed her back passionately.
I was so hot with her touches, she was tender and sensual with me I couldn't stop her advances. I knew right then I was going to bed down with her. Louis took me by the hand and lay me down on her bed. I spread my legs apart, I said, "Lou take me, make love to me. Fuck Me Please"
The female moisture had glistened at my loins and began to puddle under my ass. She lowered her head, took a short heavy lick across my clit. I moaned quickly. Louis kept it up for ah while. I felt pressure building. Lou I'm cumming, I'm cumming. I climaxed the first time of the night. Louis sucked on my labia on each side & running her tongue up and down in my slit to your honey spot. Bruce I couldn’t help myself. I ah bedded down with a female” It’s OK Anna ”It’s OK, just tell me about it. I said.
Bruce that felt so different to have lady do that me. Lou slid her fingers in my kitty and began moving in ah way so different from you. She moved them in & out & slowly rubbing against my clit with her thumb. I began to respond by rubbing her titties and licking her hard nipples. She started moaning. I suckled her nipple between my lips and nibbled her nipple between my teeth. As I did that her areola shrunk & her nipples hardened like double AA batteries. Louis started to moan louder.
"Anna, Suck my whole tit in your mouth. Suck her now, make me feel soooo gooood, Oooo yeah just like that" I lay on my back, Louis straddled me & spreading her pussy lips she lowered her cunt down on my breast. "Here Anna, Fuck my clit with those hard nipples" She moved her hips in such a way I had reached orgasm in minutes. "Lou I'm Cumming, I'm Cumming" Gawd that feeling is so intense. She did me, I did her. We both got our nuts off several times. Our pussy and titties were saturated with female cum. "Bruce, I never thought a woman could make me feel that sensual. I rolled her over to 69 with her. I had no idea that I would ever eat another woman's pussy. She tasted creamy, at the same time & the aroma coming from her crouch was overwhelming to me. "Bruce do I taste that way when you eat my cunt"?
I said, yes your pussy does taste creamy! It is creamy sweet. “Did you penetrate her?” I asked. Bruce, Yes, I fucked with her. We turned around facing each other. I reached for her titties as she reached mine. Louis kneaded my breasts like raw pie dough. I followed her lead and did /the same. I reached her cunt & pushed my fingers in between her labia & lightly rubbed her pussy's insides. She instantly moaned with lust.
I moved in a little further as she started to squirm and fucking back on my hand. "Oh Yeah, Baby. Go in deeper. Finger my hungry pussy. "Fuck me Anna! Fuck me so sweetly" I lifted my leg over hers (\!/) I never felt so sexual. She moved in close She spread my pussy lips as I did her. She moved in and laid her clitoris against that of mine, Bruce, Just the feel of her love wet love connection riding against my clit. Lou began to move her hips faster, thrusting against my pussy. Bruce, looking at my pussy against hers, turned me on so much the moisture increased I was overcome with passion. I reached between our legs and pinched her engorged clit. I started fucking her cunt faster and faster.
She screamed, ANNA I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING! Those words set off another orgasm for me. We cuddled and cooed as the mixture of our breath and lust slowed. We showered together, This was the first time I'd have an intimate shower with a female that had just had sex with. My mind began to wonder. I was daydreaming. I had my foot on the rim of the shower.
Louis surprised me what she had in her hand. She slid her toy between my legs & up against my butt. She rubbed her toy against my butt then against hers. Her sexy smile was seductive as she placed it to her tongue licking winking at me. We dried each other off taking feel now and then. I took her hand lead her back to the bed. We sat facing one another; Louis had this double headed vibrating rubber cock. I got closer and placed it at her cunt, she separated her labia she lunged forward, Ooops, she moaned as she penetrated her kitty with her rubber dong. I pulled out & back in my cunt.
We fucked this rubber dick in unison until we both had gotten our nuts off a couple times. “Bruce. Being joined together by that cock, we now have special bond between us. And Bruce, I want more.
As Anna, told me about her experience with Lou, Anna was stroking my dick. Anna's story was so erotic, she came up to her orgasm with Louis's she gripped manhood nearly jerking it off my body. Mini seconds between each stoke on my cock.
My wife moved my hand to her cunt, she said, "Lou fingered me this way" She took my two fingers and pushed them up into her pussy. She said, Take your thumb and play with my clitoris" I did as I was shown. Anna said, Finger Fuck my cunt fast & deep while hitting my clit on each stroke" I increased speed, I felt her female lubrication increase.
She was hotter than I'd seen her before and ready to fuck. I got into position, she said. "No, no you’re not going to put that dick in me just yet!" She closed her legs forcing me away. "Now lick me, suck my pussy until I scream" I turned around to 69 with my wife. I then heard the front door open. "What the hell, who's that?” I asked. Anna forced my face back to her cunt. "Here you SOB EAT ME, ” I continued licking her wetness. I felt a touch to my back. "I'm Louis, (Lou) She said, "Get over, I'm going to eat that sweet honey pot"
She rolled me off of my wife & she took position. Anna looked up and seen Lou about to cover her snatch with her tongue. "Oh Lady, eat me. Tongue Fuck my pussy! like you did back in training" Lou didn't waist any time. She run her fingers across her clit to get it outta it's hiding place. Her clitoris stood out bigger then ever. Her little bud was just waiting to be sucked in Lou's mouth. Lou did just that, Anna began bucking against her face. Anna shoved Louis’s mouth hard to her saturated smooth baby pussy.
Anna screamed, "I'm gonna cum on your face! I'M CUMMING BITCH EAT ME, EAT ME" Lou sucked her clit, fingered her, thrusting in / out licked her slit & kissed her pussy. My wife was in orgasm again. Anna trying to speak between catching her breath, she asked, "Baby, do you have it?" Lou replied, Yes dear I do! She reached her luggage, opened it. Louis pulled out her double-headed rubber dick. "Oh Yeah there it is" Anna sighed. Quickly Lou got into position. Anna knew what to do.
She cuddled in close, pointing one end to her love connection. Lou came in with her end between her pussy lips. I watched with interest as this rubber dildo disappeared inside them. The length of this thing was at leased 12’’ they began rocking in union to this dildo. They both was too hot, too turned on, It didn't take long to before they were in orgasm & they both yelled & squirmed together.
"Im cumming, Lou. Fuck me faster with it. Louis started pounding Anna's little hole, thrusting in hard and fast. "Hey, Bitch make her squirt Lou, make her squirt her love cum" I said.
Suddenly. Anna screamed out. "OH MY GAWD LOU HERE COMES ANOTHER ORGASM. DON'T STOP DON'T EVEN SLOW DOWN. FUCK MY PUSSY" Anna was bucking wildly against her female lover. Her eyes closed as she continued her long climax. Louis was getting to the point of going over the peak as she hollered. "Sweetie! HERE I GO OHHHH DAMNN BABY I'M CUMMING! UGHHHHH. FFFFFFFfffuckkkkkkk" she yelled loud enough for the people next door could to hear her.
They're love making made me erupt. I jumped on the bed between them, even Louis, a 100% lesbian, grabbed my hard cock and jerking it fast and hard to get it's surprise. Gob after gob of my goop drenched their faces. As my gyrations slowed down. Anna & Lou were fighting for the last few spurts from my dick. I fell over Anna's legs. We fell in a heap of sex, sweat and cum.
After a short nap, I heard Louis going through her luggage. I was pretending to be asleep "Ah here it is" she pulled out a strap-on cock. She looked over at me with a sly sexy grin.
She stuck the dong in herself and moaned ah little as she was using her moisture to lube up the dick. She spit on my ass, pushed a finger in, then two. She thrust in a deep as she could. My cock came to life again. She got up on her knees, aiming that rubber dick to my ass.
Wow the sensation was tremendous. Anna woke up and seen the action. She came around in front of me to swallow my cock. She did too deep throat me. She was slurping my man meat in her mouth very fast. She moved around stuck her cunt next to my dick. “Take me from behind” she says. I rose ah little and penetrated my wife’s snatch. (Damn I was getting me fantasy fulfilled) We three were fucking in rhythm. This was way too cool. My pretty wife was indulging in a 3some. Anna reached around and fingered Lou wet pink pussy. Lou had this strap-on stuck in my ass. My cock was in Anna’s pussy and Anna was fingering Lou’s cunt. It was like a three ring circus.
Lou was getting close to loosing her nuts. She was fucking my ass fast and deep. She began her orgasm, thrusting in me as hard as she could. I too was about to get off. Anna dropped herself face down so I could get to her G-spot. The three of us were in a perfect orgasm together. We fucked each other as many time as we could muster throughout the night.
We sat around the kitchen table at breakfast and talked about our 3some. Lou looked at me and said, “Ya know Bruce, for ah male you ain’t too bad Bud……..

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