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While The Cats Away

While the Cats Away

By charles - Aug 24, 2008 - From short-sex- stories. Short stories - Views - 15967 It had been a quiet evening working on the rehab floor. One of those nights where there’s plenty of time for chat with co-workers. Michelle and I had been working the floor together this evening and a few conversations had gone a bit naughty.
Michelle was always fun to work with and I enjoyed her dark humor. But as well as funny she was a lovely woman, chestnut brown hair came down her back and a beautiful face. She had lovely brown eyes and the most beautiful full lips. Oh I do love nice lips. And I had fantasized about them more then once. Michelle had a very perky set of C breasts and had a habit of showing a bit of cleavage. But her best asset was that ass. It was rounded and perfect size. I bulged in my pants whenever my eyes lingered upon it for too long.
It was about 2 am. All the Patients were sleeping and things had gone quiet. Michelle and Cindy a nurse from another floor had been chatting, while I was writing in a chart. I overheard them giggling about something and looked up to see them both looking at me. I felt a bit if a blush inside wondering what they were saying.
Soon Cindy headed back to her own floor and Michelle’s eyes fixed upon me. She asked me if I would help her move a piece of gear in the storage room so she could get to the supplies behind it. I rose from my chair and walked behind her to the storage room, all the while my eyes cast upon her lovely ass.
When we arrived at the room she pointed at a heavy old machine that nobody used anymore and asked me to move it. I walked towards the machine when I heard the door close. I turned to see Michelle standing in front of it smiling. She allowed a little pause in the air before she spoke. “I saw the supervisor sleeping in her office, ” she said with a grin. Suddenly I felt my pulse rise and my breath quicken. The passion of the moment was upon me. And the risk of getting caught had added to the excitement.
My cock bulged in my pants as she pulled me towards her in a passionate kiss. Her tongue probed my mouth as her soft hair fell upon my shoulder. She ran her soft gentle hands and lovely long fingers up and down my body. “Oh I knew you would feel good, ” Michelle said. Then she stared at me with sex in her eyes. Her pupils enlarged with the passion. And suddenly she shoved me away from her grinning.
She walked to the back of the room slid off her scrub bottoms revealing a lovely pair of tan firm legs that I had never seen. Then she popped open her blouse revealing a wonderful firm tummy and a very hot black bra. Michelle sat upon a cot in the back of the room and summoned me with the come hither finger. Her legs dangled off the cot slightly open revealing a well shaven pussy.
I stood between her legs and kissed her deeply. Then glided my tongue over her chin and down her soft throat. She sighed in a deep breath and let out a very sexy little squeak as I slid my tongue into her cleavage. Reaching behind her I popped her bra open and revealed her lovely round breasts. I stepped back and cupped them feeling them roll in my hands. I wet my thumbs in her mouth and tickled her nipples feeling them rise. Michelle was smiling with passion.
She rose from the cot and tore off my scrub top. Her hands all over my chest she suckled my nipples with her lovely full mouth. It was wonderful and my cock wanted to burst in my pants. Then she pulled the drawstring on my scrub pants and dropped them to the floor. She took my cock in her hand rolling it back and forth a bit. She looked up to me smiling with desire. Then Michelle slid those sweet lips over my cock allowing her tongue to undulate and caress the bottom. It was pure delight as she sucked it up and down swallowing almost all of it. Her hand clenched upon my abs she withdrew just before my cum burst in her mouth.
Michelle climbed back onto the cot and spread her legs open. I leaned down and slid my tongue inside her pussy. I probed as deeply as I could and I could hear her breathe deep as I slid it in. She lay back on the cot as I licked her clit faster and harder. She became wet and warm in my mouth as she came. Her head tossing back and forth, her body stiffened and almost pushed me away. She drew in a long breath and let it out with a moan as she sat up.
“You ready?” She said. Oh was I ever. She again opened her legs letting her lovely legs dangle. Michelle grabbed my ass and pulled me into her thighs. My cock penetrated her and I thrust it deep into her as deep as I could. I was out of control with passion. She let out a moan and I gently placed my hand over her mouth with a “Shhh”. She smiled realizing she was getting noisy as I began to pump in her deep. She wrapped her legs around me and raised her ass up off the cot.
I wanted to bend her over so I could feel her wonderful round ass against my thighs but she smelled wonderful and I couldn’t let go. Suddenly she began to suckle my nipples and I felt my control waning. I grasped her closely and breathed in the wonderful smell of her sweat and perfume as I buried my face into her hair and pressed my face against the side of hers. Both our faces moist with sweat. I pressed my body even closer to her as I came inside her deep and hard. I felt waves of pleasure wash over me, starting from the top of my head and working down through my entire body. She let out a little moan as she felt my hot juice squirt into her. Our bodies moving together until it was over.
I lay with her as long as I dare, smelling her wonderful hair and feeling her body next to mine. Enjoying the moment of satisfaction that comes right after great sex. Nothing is more personal.
On our way back to the floor we walked past the supervisors office. Yep still sleeping. Michelle just smiled and let out a little giggle.

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